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Improving Your Consistency With Putter Counterweight

By Christa Jarvis

Golf is a sport requiring great ability, precision and technique. The putter counterweight is different in that the bulk of the weight is far away from the center of the clubface. Putting is one of the most difficult aspects of the game of golf. The putter is the club used for this type of shot. These shots are short-range, low-speed shots. Putters are noticeably different from other clubs in that the striking face is a low-loft face, and the head of the club is considerably flatter than the heads of other clubs. This increases the inertia of the club and gives it a "sweet spot", which has a positive impact on accuracy.

Most of the characteristics mentioned above are allowed on putters, for example positional guides, non-circular grips, and bent shafts. One of the impressive putting improvement accessories within custom environment has shown to be the application of excess weight put into the grip end area of the putter shaft. That is a fitting technique known as 'COUNTER WEIGHTING'.

There is a way counter weighting work and some benefits for golfers as well. Golf players who putt effectively possess good motor control ability. That means, they've the neuro-muscular skill to control and move objects using their hands at slow speeds in a very precise, repeating and a consistent manner.

Beginner golfers also benefit from counter weighting. A club with extra weight in the right areas means the golfer will feel more weight when putting. This makes it easier to remain accurate and consistent with each stroke of the putter. Skill is still a necessity and a golfer should still be able to pull and push off line equally.

Having above-average results when it comes to accurately hitting off the center is also critical. The ability to make long putts as well as short putts is also important. An understanding of "jerky", the area between the golf ball and the back-side of the club, is also of high importance.

Counterweights come in many sizes and what size needed is based on the preference of a given golfer. Counterweights of 60g, 80g and 100g are widely available and golfers usually use an 80g or 100g counterweight for a putter. Research indicates that counterweights positively impact the results of beginner and advanced golfers.

An improvement of 80 percent in the golfer's results have been reported by clubmakers who build counterweights. These results have been verified by working with golfers in-house. Counter weighting allows golfers to produce more consistent and highly accurate results. This results in an overall improvement of the golfer's score.

The increased presence of counterweight represent real, long-term market change and not just a trend for a particular season or year. It is an expansion and real awakening of a significant technology that's been proven with time. For that reason, it is here to stay.

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