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Getting The Right Daytona 500 Packages For You

By Ida Dorsey

You cannot argue on the popularity of Daytona 500. People of all ages watch it. Even kids starts to watch it as well. Compared to other sports which heats up the end of the season, this sport is the one that jump starts the beginning of our year. And if you are an avid fan of the sport, you know that nothing beats seeing the player of your choice in person.

For those however who are not contented in just watching the show on television, you need to decide fast. A lot of people would travel to Daytona, Florida just to witness the actual race. If you do not prepare in advance, you may miss the chance. That is why you have to check from time to time any updates about Daytona 500 packages. To get the right pick, you have to know the considerations.

One is the number of days for hotel accommodation. Usually, hotels would offer two day accommodation package which already includes food. But if you are not a local of Florida, you may want to stay for more days to tour around the city. Be sure you know the details of how much you need to spend for the days not covered by the package.

Two is the transportation. Your choice should provide you transport that would bring you to the place of the event. Otherwise, you may have to spend additional expense for it. Besides, a legit package should have this service. After all, only select vehicles have access to the area.

Next would be the mementos. Hotels offer customized mementos like lanyards and pins to their clients for this special event. While this might not be one of your major considerations, this can be a good tie breaker in case you are torn between several choices later on. Also, this can be a great gift to someone special at home who is not coming with you.

Fourth is the service on site. This refers to professional staff who will be assisting you on the event. You will not know when you need something from the staff. Make sure that you choose a package that has access to them in case.

Five is the price of the package. Of course your budget should always be among the things you need to look for. Bigger hotels are more likely to cost more. And more add on events and hospitality charges may cost you even bigger. You can get the best of what you paid for without necessarily spending too much. Weigh your options.

The car racing event can be considered as a luxurious form of sport. If you plan on watching it personally, you have to at least start saving months before the big day. This will ensure that you get all the basic expenses covered. You also need to consider the tax that comes with it. The good news is most, if not all packages got this all taken care of as well. Just make sure you double check it before availing of it.

Get the right one for you by reserving in advance. 2015 is coming closer and many are looking forward to this prestigious sport. Experience the thrill. Be a part of another historical year at Daytona.

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