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NSP Stand Up Paddle Boards Also Come In Many Shapes And Sizes

By Ida Dorsey

Stand Up Paddle-boarding or SUP is an exciting new version of the traditional surfing that took the world by storm during the last few years. Where-ever you go to a beach, lake or river, you see people - young and old and in all shapes and sizes - propelling themselves along through the water with a paddle whilst standing upright on a board. NSP stand up paddle boards also come in many shapes and sizes and you should pick one that is most effective for your weight, size and the purpose why you want it - racing or relaxing?

Paddling along gentle waves while balancing yourself on a big board with a single banana-shaped oar to propel you forward, is not only fun, but also a great work-out and an exercise in balancing! It is an excellent outdoor activity for people who want to learn to surf, or those who are too old for surfing, but still want to experience the joy of riding a wave. The boards are bigger and thicker than a traditional long board, allowing one to catch and ride a wave much easier.

SUP boards are generally bigger and thicker than the traditional surf board, which makes it easier to keep one's balance and to ride a wave. Keeping one's balance and paddling along with a single banana-curved paddle is not only excellent physical exercise, but also loads of fun. It is no wonder that this fairly new sport last year toppled old favorites like board-sailing and windsurfing as the most popular outdoor activity in the USA!

Even traditional surfers love SUP because it is so versatile, allowing them the opportunity to catch more waves in a row, as well as a better view of incoming waves. Paddlers have a wide choice of wet suits and other clothes most suitable for the specific conditions and temperatures of the places where they plan to go.

The first ever Standup World Series championship races were held in 2012 - in Hawaii. Kai Lenny was the first SUP racing world champion ever to be crowned after winning the seasons' finals of that championship. Now, a mere two years later, this sport has gone viral and upright paddlers can be seen paddling away where-ever there are masses of water!

The sport is equally popular among professional, competitive surfers, laymen and recreational fishermen. The two main types of boards are All Arounder and those used for racing or long distance touring. These include specific styles made for women, kids, river racing, etc. Inflatable boards are becoming increasingly popular because they are so easy to transport.

The all arounders are best suited for beginners and those who just want to paddle or fish in calm waters close to shore. These ones have a planing hull like a surfboard and are 10 to 12 feet long and 29 to 36 inches wide. The boards used for racing, touring and downwind SUP have a pointed nose and a more rounded hull and are longer (12-14 feet).

A new SUP board can cost you between US$600 to US$1500, but there is also a huge second-hand market. The boards can be hollow or solid and are made from different materials. The secret is to find one that is most suitable for your size and needs.

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