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Learn More About Haida Gwaii Tours And Why It Is An Attractive Place To Visit

By Ida Dorsey

Formerly called Queen Charlotte Islands, Haida Gwaii is the most remote archipelago in Canada. Haida Gwaii tours offer many of the known island pleasures including those of fishing, sailing, photography, beach combing, hiking and many other island adventures. Tours in Haida primarily focus on the wildlife rich islands and water activities. A number of tour operators provide cruises and complete packages for outings in this spectacular area.

Thanks to the spectacular climate and a broad group of activities, the islands can be toured throughout the year. Accommodation is easy to find, and camping is also a prime activity in these areas. All gear and equipment can be rented from operators who cater to most needs.

Popularly hired items include camping gear, vehicles and small boats, canoes and kayaks among many more. More information on tour packages and specific activities included can be obtained online. Operators also usually feature videos of the area showcasing activities and featuring previous tourist experiences.

Surfing and water sport are prime tourist attractions. Other activities in the water include those done with small boats and canoes. They also include sailing and fishing. Passive whale watching and dolphin spotting is also observed. The land based island activities consist of hikes. They also consist of treks and forest walking through green trails. Beach combing is also another fun activity. Exotic sightseeing spots are abundant with a couple of heritage sites present on Gwaii.

The islands have been largely separated from the central regions for quite some time, and this has led ecology to adapt and evolve in a manner different than that of the mainland. Wildlife in the area is brimming with sea eagles, birds, bears, goats, and sea creatures like dolphins and whales and some other rarer species. The sea animals are densely populated here, and it is debated if this area is the densest on the entire planet. Ecologists and tourists have a wonderful chance to watch wild animals in their ecological habitat.

The islands have a rich history and cultural heritage. There is a protected heritage site which is also a hot spring occurring naturally. Galleries and museums have the culture on display with aboriginal art. Many festivals and events occur through different seasons and traditions are kept alive by an active community.

Scattered across the islands are many bakeries, wineries, restaurants, coffee shops, and even a brewery pub. There is no dearth of accommodation with a number of lodges and camping sites across the islands. There are over one hundred and fifty islands scattered in the region, but only two of the biggest islands, have roads and each also has a visitor center. Other areas need to be accessed by plane or ferry.

These exotic Canadian islands are an excellent destination for adventure and nature enthusiasts. Haida tours are not meant just for the adventure enthusiast, but also offer many activities and opportunities to ecologists, wildlife lovers and even everyday people on a holiday. The rich culture and heritage of the area, coupled with the natural exquisiteness of the island makes it a much sought after holiday destination.

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