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Guide To The Playground Games

By Mayra Pierce

Games have a symbolic function, they serve as symbols that help create contexts, anticipate situations, plan future actions or interpret reality. Game favors the process of enculturation and arises naturally. It is indispensable for psychomotor, intellectual, emotional and social development, as skills develop with it and children learn to respect rules and have goals and objectives (the playground games).

In humans, after the emergence of symbolic play at age 2, begins a phase of social game in which children play more and more with each other and with adults, using the language. This social game requires the establishment of agreements, which eventually end up in formal suit, whose essential characteristic is that it's a game with clear rules.

Game of marbles (fingernail ball) are excellent examples of children's game with rules, they are playable by 6 years of age. In history of human species, formal game appeared as a result of sedentary need for mental and physical development. In formal game the object of each game is defined and governed by the rules themselves, not representations. Thanks to this ability to set rules and play within the species has been able to build key game such as democracy, religion and science.

Game always help build implicit or explicit relations between children bolstered by fun and educational reference. It is an activity that has the end in itself, ie, the individual performing the activity itself to achieving the goal that is to be pleasant. Game has an intrinsic purpose and character of conflict is liberating because it ignores the problems and solve them. One of its main features, which aims to make an ordinary business activity added motivation.

Game takes place in a separate fictional world, it like a game narrated action, away from everyday life, a continuous symbolic message. It a conventional activity, because every game the result of social contract established by the players, who designed game and determine its internal order, its limitations.

Currently, as with the definition of game, there are plenty of ideas of sport according to author to be taken as reference. Also conducting another synthesis of authors could define sport and distinguish simple game as follows: Sport is a set of motor and intellectual situations unlike game you are looking for competition with others or yourself, in that precise and specific rules that are institutionalized.

Mammals are characterized by an evolved brain, long childhood, parental care, nursing pups, hunt group, social division and non-genetic work. Mammals play to hunt in a group, define hierarchies, exploration, division of labor, among others. Interaction between mammals (dogs, cats, water, primates) is based on imitation and exploration by trial and error. In some mammals there is a total lack of symbolic play.

Game is synonymous with pleasure, fun, gaiety, entertainment, but also plays the child to discover, know, know others and their environment. In non-social animals play occurs mainly during childhood as a means of psychomotor learning or experimentation and in adulthood as a behavior related to reproduction. In gregarious animals kept these play behaviors and associated social game to acquisition of status, establishing roles and add group relationship.

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