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The Usac Sprint Car Racing Series Enjoys Great Popularity

By Christa Jarvis

Each person seems to find their favorite spectator sport from an early age, from where it then develops into something deeper and becomes an event not to be missed. The USAC sprint car racing series is one such addictive sport which seems to continuously enthrall its fans year after year. With all the excitement it has to offer, what more could one ask for?

This type of sport is thrilling to say the least, and ranks well in the popularity factor. Spectators arrive in their thousands to support their favorite team and driver. Their knowledge of driving skills and vehicle advancements is sophisticated and awe-inspiring. It just proves how deeply invested they are in their favorite past-time.

Whether the driver is experienced at driving on asphalt, dirt tracks or both depends on their skill set and of course relies on choice. Some feel more comfortable on the asphalt and concentrate all of their efforts on training for a professional run at the fastest time. They are both very different and each proposes its own challenges which one should adequately be equipped for.

In this type of discipline, driving skills and tactics are essential, but the design of the vehicle is imperative for both safety reasons, as well as for power and velocity. Some races use the winged car variety, which provides an added safety feature in the wings, whereas other cars are wing-less and contain a regulatory roll bar. At least both have been designed to protect the important cargo within, since that is its most precious commodity.

Each event is well organized and advertised, ensuring the best experience for not only the fans but for the racing teams too. Wonderful prizes are up for grabs, along with the prestigious trophy for the victor. These are all part of the incentive and glamour dedicated to the sport, but the real exhilaration is the thrill of taking part.

None of these precautions will help though, since ultimately the responsibility of safety and security rests solely on the driver and their talent. Their skill has to be trained and perfected, along with a mindset to expect the unexpected. Once they have the correct expertise and reflexes it will be possible to work on their positivity and self-confidence.

Most drivers and their teams are well known with their fans, and the fans of the sport. Celebrities in their own field, and earn the respect of others through good sportsmanship, ethical behavior and heaps of tactical or strategic driving skills. These traits along with courage and camaraderie are what set each one apart from the other.

The fun of an event such as this cannot be compared, and even though it is a seriously competitive environment, it still delivers the adrenalin expected. When the victor holds up the trophy, the crowd explodes with applause and screams, supporting all of the competitors with a loud roar. It is a highly rewarding sport which improves with every race.

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