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Have The Adventure Of A Lifetime With Jungle Tours In Thailand

By Christa Jarvis

Many people can't stand the idea of a vacation where all they do is lie on a beach. For them, a vacation is simply not worth it if it doesn't offer some way to satisfy their adventurous spirit. They want to explore the wilderness and let their inner Indiana Jones come out to play. If you're one of these people, you'll love jungle tours in Thailand.

Thailand is located in Southeast Asia and is renowned for its natural beauty. The people here are generally very friendly, which has earned the country the nickname 'The Land of Smiles'. It's a country of contrasts, with bustling, modern cities but also remote villages where life is lived like it has been for hundreds of years.

The country is a very popular tourist destination. People come here from all over the world to experience the culture and tasty food, laze on the stunning beaches, get a spa treatment or go diving. It's cheap too, but the drawback is that some destinations, especially popular beach and island destinations such as Phuket, can become very crowded and lose their local character.

A great way to escape the tourist crowds and the choking pollution of Bangkok is to head for the wilderness. The country has more than a hundred national parks to protect its wildlife, from marine creatures in the coastal parks to elephants, deer and tigers in the more inland parks. Many of the protected areas are covered in dense jungle with mountains, valleys, waterfalls and lakes or rivers to explore.

There are different ways to explore the Thai jungles. You can take a short day hike near your beach resort, for instance. Otherwise, consider a trek of several days in the more remote mountainous regions and visit traditional villages. If you don't feel like making your way on foot in the heat, you can't go wrong with a tour on the back of an elephant.

When you venture into the jungle, there are some basic precautions to take so that your trip will be a safe one. Always go with a reputable guide, especially in the more remote areas frequented by drug traffickers, so you won't inadvertently stumble into unfriendly territory. Take plenty of water and insect repellent. Long pants and long-sleeved shirts will help keep critters at bay too. Remember that the jungle is home to some venomous snakes, spiders and scorpions, so wear sturdy shoes if you go hiking.

Because Thailand has a tropical climate, you can visit at any time. If you want an active holiday, though, you may prefer coming in the winter months, since these are cooler and it doesn't rain so much. In early summer, the unbearable heat will drive you to the beaches while late summer is so rainy that paths in the wilderness become difficult and dangerous to navigate.

Finding a suitable tour is very easy. You can find tour operators online and book ahead. Alternatively, most travel agencies in Thailand will be able to arrange a trip for you and some resorts offer excursions too.

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