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Bridezilla Solutions For Perfect Destination Weddings

By Young Lindsay

In the year 2,800 BC, the first use of wedding bands was recorded, although it would take centuries later, in 1477 AD, for the diamond engagement ring to be popularized. In 1499, one of the first white wedding gowns was worn. And after five thousand years of saying I do, the way the world does the trendy wedding celebration has certainly evolved.

Today, engaged couples have been abandoning the traditional church nuptials. Instead, most lovebirds opt for destination weddings Mexico, and picking unique places such as tropical islands, mountains, and Alberta, Canada. The good news is that there are actually a lot of things you can do to help you plan your special day without having to be the dreaded bridezilla.

Pick the location ahead of time. While it should be the wonderland of your dreams, it should also fit your budget. Think about the travel time, accommodations, comfortable flights, and if your guests are all fit and ready to travel.

Make lots of time for planning. If the usual duration is one and a half year, book your reservation two years in advance. Consider sending your save the date cards as early as possible so that your working comrades can file their leave for your big day.

Get a wedding planner to take care of the logistics of your ceremony. Do not try hogging the whole work, you could possibly explode into the stereotypical bridezilla. Learn to say no to vendors who will not stop being so insistent on things that are out of your budget. And never forget to include your groom in the grand scheming. If you are going to be partners in life, you better start it now.

Heed the weather forecast. You will want everyone to enjoy, rain or shine. Satin dresses and suits would be cruel if you will be under the heat of the sun, so choose clothing that would suit your destination.

You might have a full time job and a relationship to maintain on top of your nuptial operations, but take a break once in a while. Do not make that one big day the difference between life and death. Have a dinner date alone with your fiance or treat yourselves into a relaxing massage at the spa. After all, this is about you and your soulmate, not the wedding per se.

Be aware of the legal dos and do nots in the area. You are there to get married, not to get locked up or worse. You might be up for a civil wedding at home and a non binding ritual for your destination, so know the law to avoid nasty surprises. Check for the legal tidbits while you are still in your hometown, and make sure all the paperwork are done before you travel.

And as a final reminder, take care of your guests. Everyone should have fun. The celebration might be about you, but do not be selfish and think of it as a birthday party that can only happen once.

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