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Cycling Tips To Bring With You Besides Your Ibera Pakrak

By Etta Bowen

It was in 1817 when the velocipede or draisine was made, a slender device made of wood and iron tires placed in a straight line. Velocipede means fast foot in Latin. Its rider would sit almost utterly erect and the device can be driven by pushing off the ground as if he was walking or running.

From the 1880s to the 1890s, bicycles became very popular as the safety bike was developed. Now, we use bicycles as just merely one of the ways to travel, to work out, or for recreation, all comfortable with all the improved gears and Ibera Pakrak bags. Sometimes we underestimate the power of cycling and forget the necessary things we should to maintain the good old bicycle. The following are some tips on how to be a responsible biker.

It is standard procedure to do an ABC Quick Check before you go on a ride. It has been named that way so that it is easy to remember. Air, brakes, and chains should be first examined if they are all in great condition. All quick releases must be closed. Check is for doing a test cycling to make sure that your bike is good to go.

Make sure that you inflate the tires to the recommended pressure shown on the sides of the tire. A pressure gauge must be used to measure proper pressure. Examine the brake pads as they should not be rubbing the tire and must be replaced if there is only one fourth of the pad left. Tighten bolts if there are loose cranks, and keep your chain rust and gunk free.

The side straps of your helmet should just be below your ears, about a half inch or less. The chin strap should also be a half inch under your chin with your mouth closed. These straps are important as it would be pointless to use the helmet without those, the same way seatbelts work. Never skimp on head protection.

Dress for the weather as bicycles do not really offer the same weather protection cars and other vehicles offer. For example, be armed with a waterproof jacket when there is rain and go for ear warmers and gloves when it is cold. It is also highly recommended to wear reflective and bright clothing. Be careful if you do not have a chain guard. Keep your pants far from the chain by using leg bands or by rolling the pant legs up.

Pack a patch kit and a spare tube for double certainty, in case of a flat tire or when your fellow riders may need your help. You will never know when a patch kit plus a spare tube will be needed. You will also need tire levels in order to complete the tire changing job. They are small tools and can easily fit in your bike bag.

Bring sunscreen if you know it will be cruelly hot outside. Use a horn or a bell when warning or giving out signs during road travel. Secure a U Lock to avoid loss and theft. Pack your calories with a supply of high energy food such as power bars, cereal bars, bread, cheese, and chocolate bars.

Newbies may want to have a lower seat for safety and comfort. When you are seated, you must have a slight knee bend when you press the pedal to the floor. The angle of the seat should be tilted not higher than five degrees, whether it is tilted up or down.

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