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Experience The Fun And Exciting Nicaragua Tours

By Etta Bowen

If one is looking for a really nice place to go while vacationing in Central or South America, then he may actually want to try going to the country of Nicaragua. This country is not only one of the biggest countries in the continent but it is actually also one of the most beautiful. So just so one would know what will happen if he goes on one of those nicaragua tours, here are some of the places that he will visit.

Now in every tour, the first stop would always most likely be the city of Managua which is actually the capital city. Now long ago, it was actually known to be one of the dirtiest and dangerous cities in the continent but ever since modernization came to it, it became a very safe area. It is connected to Managua lake which is definitely a beautiful place to go.

Now for those who really love history and unique types of architecture, then a place that simply must be visited would be Granada. Now when this country was colonized, they used to have Victorian style houses in the entire city. This city perfectly replicates what houses were like back then which would give visitors a look at the olden times.

Now for those who love the beach scenery, they can actually visit the beach located in San Juan del Sur. This place would actually have one of the nicest beaches in the whole country. It is also a haven for those who love to fish as there are a lot of very exotic fish to catch.

Now if one is a surfer, then he should go a little bit to the north and he will reach a place known as Tola. Tola is a part of San Juan del Sur and is the best place for surfers to go to. If one would want to surf on challenging waves and ride the high waves, then going to Tola will definitely be a treat for him.

Now Leon is also a very interesting city that can be found in this country. Now this city actually has a very unique history to it as it was a city founded in 1524. The inhabitants were forced to rebuild the city again elsewhere due to the massive volcanic eruption of Mount Momotombo that took place in the year 1610.

Now for those who love beautiful scenery, then the place to go would of course be Ometepe Island which is located at the center of Nicaragua lake. Now what makes this lake island beautiful is that it is a really big island that has a lot of flora. Now if one is an artist or a photographer, then he will definitely enjoy making this island his subject.

So if one is interested on going touring in this country, then here are some of the places he will visit. When he goes there, he will definitely have a fun time because there are just so many things to do. It will definitely be a vacation that he will not forget for the rest of his life.

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