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Finding Fishing Charters South Padre Island

By Etta Bowen

Some of your best vacation ventures can be found in the state of Texas. This is especially true of the area surrounding the gulf coast where visitors can participate in both deep sea and shallow in-shore tours catering to fishermen and their families. Fishing charters South Padre Island can be a destination of their own or they can serve as a spectacular finishing touch for the family vacation of a lifetime.

The gulf shores area enjoys good weather most of the year and this allows people to visit the area and charter tours at any time weather permits it. Some charter companies operate through the autumn months and into the holiday season. The main tourist season is during the summer months of July through September and daily excursions are available for deep sea and in-shore fishermen.

Whether you are an experienced fisherman or a total novice you will find no shortage of fish to catch. Boat captains and crew will happily show you how to hook and land any fish you catch. The boat supplies all rods and reels needed and bait and tackle is also included. The captain of your boat is well acquainted with the fish you seek and where to find them. You will find that there are more than eighteen species of fish in these gulf and coastal waters around this island.

Although some tours are able to supply food and refreshments upon request for their guests most require that food be supplied by those chartering the boat. They also suggest that polarized sun glasses, hats and sun screen be purchased prior to departure from the docks. You will also need identification, a license to fish in Texas waters and it is a good idea to carry some cash for tipping and casual expenses. Other miscellaneous items mentioned are cameras and motion sickness medication for those unaccustomed to the ocean movement.

Hooking and fighting a big game fish is something many fishermen look forward to. Searching for marlin, tuna and shark is a specialty for most captains. They have fish finders that help locate the larger species for their guests. Many of the larger fish must be released after they are caught without harming them and some captains carry this catch and release policy over to every species of fish they hook. They release all fish that are not going to be use as food for the client.

On shore there are restaurants that will prepare your catch for your dinner when you return to the docks. The boat crew will also help out by cleaning and filleting your catch prior to docking for the evening. The cost for these services is nominal and tipping for the crew is acceptable payment.

The boats can be leased for full or half day tours and can accommodate from two guests all the way up to eighty persons. A double decked boat is available for large family parties or perhaps a corporate get-together for clients or personnel. The safety measures in place on boats ensure the safety of passengers and children are welcome on nearly all boats.

Vacationing on the gulf coast of Texas may offer you the opportunity to experience the most exciting and unforgettable fishing excursion of your life.

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