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Try Out Canoe Harpeth River Today

By Christa Jarvis

The river Harpeth is classified as being Class 1 and as it winds gently it does possess some Class 2 rapids. This stretches over 100 miles of running water. To be more specific, the entire river covers just over a hundred miles of water that peacefully drifts. The river however can be runnable all year round but this depends on the weather. As adventure lover you should make an attempt at Canoe Harpeth River.

The river Harpeth is very long stretching all the way from the Williamson County to the Cheatam County. At some certain point it joins the Cumberland River. On the southern part it flows gently on an eleven mile stretches mystical nature. It then meanders its way right past banks line with trees, fields full of grass as well as bluffs of rock.

The Harpeth River is a slow winding river which has a few occasional mild rapids which will throw in and wake up the paddler at certain times. Some people just want to swim, fish and relax. Whatever the intention one came with, the stream is all accommodative.

The simplest way of gaining access to canoes and well as other means of transportation is to rent out canoes from the commercial transport providers located nearby. Using some extra effort and beforehand reservations troops can be able to procure from Boxwell scout reservation some canoes.

The landowner property should be accorded with respect and no one should venture past the areas specifically indicated for one to stop. At the vicinity one should not litter whatsoever. All litter you might carry should be collected back for disposal at another location or place. Serenity of the place has to be maintained.

The River Harpeth is also a historical place. A 100 yard tunnel cut by hand through solid rock can be seen. Nowadays it is considered to be an industrial landmark and is registered in the national register on historical places. Such sites make your canoeing experience not only memorable but also educative.

If one aims for a day trip the easiest way for one to get canoes is by renting them nearby. The ultimate place for paddlers is situated at the narrows of the Harpeth. Whenever one is on the stream they will be able to enjoy the natural scenery that is amazingly beautiful and relax. The splendor of the pastoral and wooded river surrounding as one paddles along can be likened to a scene in a movie.

The commercial companies that provide rental boats come with life jacket equipment too. Depending on the type of canoe you like, one can select from the variety there. Some of the boats have been constructed with durable polyethylene and shall be capable of offering stability and comfort throughout all weather conditions. The most opportune time for a visitor to take a canoe trip is between the months of March and October. The water level, air temperature and water level at this time will be suitable. All you have to do is to float in the Harpeth with a rented canoe or one of your own.

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