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Be Quick When Seeking Masters Tournament Tickets For Sale

By Marcia Marks

Every avid golfer must surely have a dream to one day be the proud holder of some of the masters tournament tickets for sale annually. One of these badges is greatly sought after and only the really lucky and wealthy enough get to attend the annual National Masters Tournament at Augusta. There are only a limited number of tickets and applications need to be done at least a year in advance.

They say that golf continues to be a sport where ethics and integrity still matter. It is both an individual and a team sport where you have only yourself to rely on. What you put in will determine the contribution and success you achieve. This takes endless discipline and dedication which many are prepared to endure.

Hours are spent practicing the correct way to swing a club, how to stand and judging the angle at which the next ball should be hit. Men and women alike soon become addicted to their game and will cancel lunch dates and shopping to spend as much time as possible playing walking their favorite course. More and more youngsters are being taught to play and budding champions are being raised to take over from the famous golfers of today.

Many of these golfers started playing when they were really young. Fathers spent many hours, days and weeks pushing to make sure their son worked hard at being the best. Sometimes to the detriment of the child, who after all the years spent only playing and practicing golf, has enough and refuses to play ever again.

In cases like these and in many other sports, one has to wonder whose dream the parent is trying to pursue. His, that he never achieved, or the child's. There have been swimmers who have almost got to Olympic standard and also just gave up at the peak of their swimming career. They realized it was not their dream after all.

The parent who has spent huge amounts of money on the training of this budding superstar may become angry and resentful towards the child. The child becomes rebellious and anti the parent. It may only surface years later, when the child is much older and can tell the parents how he really felt.

Folks all have dreams for their children and only want the best for them in life. It is a natural reaction if a child shows the slightest interest in something to think that he has the makings of a champion. Just ask the youngster and have the wisdom to let go when he says no.

Should one want the whole family involved in the sport, you had better have a special savings account. Golf is a costly game to play, what with the special shoes, clothes, green fees, golf clubs it all adds up and although it is a wonderful social game, the budget will ultimately decide who gets to play. If the family is fortunate enough to have plenty of money, they may even apply very early in the hopes of getting masters tournament tickets for sale and have the privilege of walking the magnificent course of Augusta with all their golfing heroes.

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