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Custom Knives And Other Things To Build A 48 Hour Emergency Kit

By Harriett Crosby

A basic 48 hour emergency kit is something every family should have. They should contain items like food to eat, water to drink and custom knives for protection and cloths. Emergencies happen all the time. It could be something as common as the power going out for a few days because of a tornado or having to deal with the aftermath of a hurricane.

These kits are basically a collection of must have items people will need to survive any unplanned emergencies. It is typically best to have these items put together so they can be reached in a moments notice. Should you have to leave it is unlikely you will be given the time to search through all your stuff to pick and choose what you will be needing for the next few days or be able to buy them in any local stores.

To survive an emergency you need three simple things; water, food and a small amount of general supplies. You should also plan for these small supplies to last you or your family for around 48 hours. Many times there are federal, state and local government agencies that try to help people out but they often do not get to everybody immediately. They may get to you in a few hours or several days.

It is also important that you plan your kit without having common conveniences. Often the basic services people take for granite like electricity, gas, phone, water and sewage treatment may not be working. They could be off for several days so your kit should reflect this possibility.

Every kit should have about a gallon of water. It is best to break this up into smaller 16 or 18 ounce bottles. They should also have a small filter and some iodine in case the water supply runs low and more water needs to be filtered and treated.

Planning your food can be difficult. Oatmeal and granola bars make good snacks for calories. Honey and mixed nuts are two natural items that resist spoiling when stored over time. Canned chicken and tuna is nice for making fast meals. Jerky, dried beans and oats and of course are handy for basic meals. Some hard candy, gum and tootsie rolls or pops is nice to have for snacking.

Some miscellaneous items you should also pack are a flashlight and extra batteries. A radio with a hand crank. Matches, a lighter and some candles for just in case moments. You should also pack toiletry and showering items along with a good first aid pack. Some final items to add are eating utensils, a pocket knife, duct tape and a can opener.

If you have extra room some optional things you might bring to your 2 day emergency kits are a clean change of clothing, waterproof jackets and your favorite custom knives. You could pack can goods like a soup and meal but only condensed ones. This kit is supposed to be quickly accessible or portable. Always keep them updated by going through them every few months so you will be ready.

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