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Planning A Get Together With Pool Party Games For Kids And Their Friends

By Tiffany Gill

There are few things that beat the summer heat like having your own pool full of cool bright blue water in the back yard under your favorite shade tree. Many children go to great lengths making friends so they can invite them over to swim in it. Often the most difficult thing is finding pool party games for kids to play that will keep them interested and involved while having fun.

When planning a get together, you should not really need to spend lots of cash and in most cases lots of time. What is critical is well planned out activities that will involve all the kids so nobody gets feeling left out. Doing this should not only help ensure many more play dates for them, but will maintain your spot as the popular parent raising friendly children.

One of the most critical items for any party is the theme. This is the thought or idea you are incorporating into it. It could be something as simple as a tropical theme with flowers or as complex as a superhero theme where everyone dresses like their favorite hero. Let your children brainstorm to come up with different ideas that make them happy. The idea is to let children use their imaginations to make it work.

Good decorations are a must have for a successful event. They are what generally sets the party's mood and for many children they often help build the excitement up for the party day. They should generally be simple to clean up, inexpensive and easy to make. A few basic streamers, an inflatable yard effect and a lei for every guest as they arrive.

Games are generally the best part of the experience. Parents and children can easily make some home made paper chains that help cut off different areas. You can have areas for the different games, around the pool, an eating area and a kids only and parents only area. It is always important to set ground rules to be followed so everyone has fun.

There are many good games to try using. Find a coin is where you throw a coin or similar small object in the water to see who will bring it up the quickest. Balloon tossing is where kids toss a filled up water balloon back and forth using only a folded towel held tightly between two people.

Another great game is hose limbo. This is where two people hold a hose while someone passes under it. Whoever goes the lowest wins. A good group game is marco polo. A chosen player swims around saying marco with their eyes closed. The other children say polo. When one is touched they become the new it person.

Always wait 30 min after eating food before getting back in the pool. Try planning a pinata sometime near the end of the event. Every kid there would love that. Remember to always have supervision at all times. Pool party games for kids typically are meant to be fun, good supervision ensures they remain that way.

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