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Clip On Flip Up Sunglasses Is Now Fashion

By Tiffany Gill

These sun spectacles are glasses which do not have a full frame, made up of only the 2 lenses and in order to wear these, you need other glasses with full frames in order to be able to clip the lenses onto your frames. In most instances these eye wear are worn by people who already wear prescription glasses. The clip on flip up sunglasses are then just clipped on as and when they are needed and then either flipped up or completely removed when they are no longer in use.

Just a while ago, these items were considered to be not so popular or attractive and not at all a funky or trendy fashion item. It was seen mostly worn by the elderly and tourists as a pure functional item to protect their eyes from the sun. They are now available in a wide range of styles, types and colours which makes them high fashion items.

Not only do they come in many different shapes, styles and colours to make sure you are always looking your best, they are also very affordable and is suited to meet even the lowest of budgets. For those individuals who already have the expense of prescription sunglasses, this is a more affordable alternative than having to invest in full prescription sun protection eye wear as well.

Most of these items offer 100 percent protection against the UV Rays of the sun. They are also thin and light weight and do not take up much space. These eye wear items are available in metal and plastic and come in a variety of shades to suit the individual and because they are so affordable, you could even invest in more than one pair, making sure you are always looking fresh and funky with the latest fashion styles and trends in protective sun eye wear.

It is also more convenient to just lift the glasses than having to remove glasses completely, especially if one moves outdoors and indoors often during the day. Many delivery people or people working outdoors invest in these as a matter of convenience while performing daily tasks and simply lifting them when they need to interact with the public.

For those who have the funds and can afford to have a set custom made for them especially, do have the option to do so, but of course, as with anything that is customer made, these are more expensive as they are made according to your personal prescription glasses and the lenses would then match that of your prescription glasses exactly.

Having these custom made is obviously more expensive as they are only made on order and according to the specifications and design of your prescription glasses. Standard styles are usually cheaper as they are not custom made and available in a huge range of designs.

Over all clip on flip up sunglasses are an easy and affordable alternative solution to normal sunglasses. They are durable and offer the same protection as normal glasses do. They come in wide varieties of shades and shapes so you are guaranteed to find a pair that suits your taste and style, as well as allowing you to have more than a single pair, whereas normal prescription glasses are expensive and not usually covered by medical insurance companies.

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