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Tips For Buying Amigo Horse Rugs

By Leanne Goff

The Amigo horse rugs offer a superior range with various styles and quality for equines of different sizes. The choice of blankets for horses will depend on factors such as the quality of material, aim for use, and the fit that it can provide for comfort and protection. The following tips can aid in making the best possible purchase decision with regards to security and a snug fit.

The right choice for an equine rug requires comfort, durability, and waterproof features to ensure that the animal is protected and able to move freely. There are many different styles of blankets that are available including exercise, turnout, stable, travel, and day gear consisting of soft cottons for the summer and fleece for the winter. Purchasing a well fitting rug will lead to a comfortable and happy horse.

When it comes to making a suitable selection, your choices should be based on the features of the range and the reasons for its use. It is necessary to take some to assess the condition of your horse, type of material, size requirements, style, and what it will be used for. If the animal is required to travel through the day in summer it will need a cool, breathable material such as lightweight cotton in comparison to fleece for the winter.

The design and fit are important factors to consider when buying a rug. The old blanket can be used as a guide or the necessary measurements taken with a tape to ensure that the item delivers a snug fit. If the item serves as too loose or too tight it will result it the development of sensitivity for the animal and ongoing discomfort.

A well fitted blanket will need to fit securely a couple of inches above the withers while the end should reach the top of the tail while the head is bent during periods of grazing. A rug that does not reach the tail is too small whereas an extension over the tail is too big. The item should fit securely while the animal is being turned out.

Straps to be placed around the legs will need to lock together. Such features will ensure that the material does not chafe against the leg and contribute to the development of severe sores. Blankets must not be too long or it could result in the foot becoming hooked within the rug.

The blankets can be purchased in a variety of styles including the standard selections that protect the withers and expose the neck area that serves as ideal for the warmer summer months. The choice of rugs for turnout and exercise purposes will need a lightweight and soft material. It is important that such selections are water resistant and will aid in temperature regulation.

Amigo horse rugs offer quality and durability for animals. It is important to take the time to consider the type of material and styles that are best suited fro the needs of the equine. The correct measurements and comfort are key to ensure a happy and healthy result.

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