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Gulmarg Ski Packages Are A Great Option For Vacationers

By Harriett Crosby

Over the past few years, Gulmarg ski packages have become very popular among fans of winter activities. This is not surprising to most individuals. The skiing season in this mesmerizing town starts immediately following New Year's Day, and continues throughout the month of March. Visitors from Russia, the United States, New Zealand, Europe, Australia, and numerous other regions descend on this exotic location to enjoy a fun and memorable getaway.

Gulmarg is renowned throughout the world for its natural, unspoiled scenery, and spectacular landscapes. Weather conditions make it a perfect area for skiing, and subsequently numerous professional skiers, as well as novices favor the region.

The world's tallest ski lift is found in Gulmarg. This outstanding tourist attraction is also responsible for the popularity of the town among ski fans. Taking a ride in the celebrated Gulmarg Gondola cable car is something that many travelers consider an activity all by itself. Such rides are even taken even by those who have no interest in skiing, but simply wish to experience the outstanding scenery for which the town is known. On such a ride, one can view snow filled valleys, lovely meadows, amazingly blue skies and impressive mountain ranges.

Travelers who like to pack light will discover that it is easy to rent equipment in this area. Additionally, the town boasts three ski lifts, all of which are suitable for intermediate skiers and beginners. Numerous instructors are employed in the region at different establishments and these individuals offer quality training programs to novice skiers.

The convenience of this beautiful skiing area is also part of its attraction. It is only a few hour's plane ride from New Delhi and other major airports. In addition, there are numerous guesthouses, hotels, and resorts, where vacationers can enjoy a comfortable and secure getaway. More than one establishment in town offers car rentals as well. However, those planning to visit in the middle of winter should consider a jeep rental or investing in tire chains so that they do not have to worry about getting stuck in the snow.

Accommodations can be easily found to suit virtually any budget or lifestyle. However, because of the popularity of the area, it is recommended that one make reservations ahead of time. Most lodges are quaint and rustic, and the majority of the proprietors in the area consistently compete for the business of vacationers. This is beneficial to patrons, as each facility attempts to outdo the other.

When searching for ski packages, several factors should be considered: the time of year one wishes to visit the area, whether rental equipment or car rentals are needed, and if an all-inclusive package or standard vacation is desired. Giving thought to such aspects in advance will ensure that the best choice is made.

Gulmarg ski packages can be reserved online or one can seek the services of a travel agent. However, in order to ensure the most suitable option is chosen, comparison-shopping is highly recommended. Due to the fact that skiing in this spectacular area of the world is becoming more and more popular all the time, virtually anyone planning such an excursion will be happy with the outcome.

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