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Haida Gwaii Lodge Stay Options Varied To Suit Different Tastes

By Jeannie Chapman

Travelers will find plentiful haida gwaii lodge lodging accommodations available. Both highly-priced and moderately priced ranges are on offer. Whatever you select, you should have an unforgettable vacation and return to revive the memories.

The busiest period starts in May and ends in September. Guests need to make their reservations early. Guided tours need to be booked ahead of time as well. This is a renowned location for sport fishing enthusiasts and rooms get booked early. A majority of the lodges are located in the populated communities or between them on the major route running linking the key islands.

Seventeen luxury lodges are located on some of the more secluded islands. They are accessed by air, by first flying into the local airport before taking a flight to the other island. The primary things to do are surfing, fishing, kayaking, bird watching, climbing, beachcombing and camping in the campgrounds of the reserves and parks. Floatplane tour excursions can be booked with the South Moresby Air transport service.

This 150 island archipelago was previously named Queen Charlotte Islands. It is 300 km in length and 100 km in breadth. This distant region lies to the west of the northern portion of BC about 120 km to the west. It is 75 km away from Alaska and lies beneath it. Surfers come here to the only place for surfing in the northern part of the province.

Graham and Moresby islands, the main populated parts of the archipelago, provide loads of prospects for vigorous activities. The islands are linked by Highway 16 and by ferry. Moresby visitors can spend some time visiting the Heritage Site. A National Park Reserve Island on its southern tip awaits exploration. On Graham, hiking and beachcombing can be enjoyed on Naikoon Provincial Park. The beach here is particularly good for crabbing and for clam diggers. The park takes up a large part of its northeastern section. Nearby, Rose Spit is a prime venue for bird watching. Close to Masset, Graham also offers the Delkatla Wildlife Sanctuary. It is well know known to bird watching enthusiasts. They know, the best time for this activity is during the Spring or in the Autumn period.

The Haida people have inhabited this secluded region for centuries. The vast majority of the tribe lives on Graham. The tribe has protected its ancient culture, one of the oldest on earth. The indigenous protectors of their native habitat have embraced responsible tourism to support their culture. Visitors will have different opportunities to learn about the native residents of these islands.

Travelers can reach the islands by air or boat. Ferry service is provided by BC Ferries to Moresby Island from Prince Rupert. The long journey takes six and a half hours. Car or truck owners can take their car with them, unless they prefer to rent a vehicle on arrival. Bus service is not available. Taxis only operate within the major population centers.

Every day, in the summer, there are flights to Sandspit and Masset from Vancouver. In other seasons, flights function 3 times per week. Seaplane operators offer service from Prince Rupert to Sandspit, Masset and QC City. These localities also provide harbor service for boaters. From Jasper, there are bus and rail links to Prince Rupert. To avoid regrets, vacationers are advised to make their haida gwaii lodge reservations in advance.

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