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Many Travelers Prefer Marrakech Boutique Hotels

By Harriett Crosby

Marrakech, the beautiful city located in Morocco, is an appealing destination for vacations or weekend trips. Boasting a broad range of activities and attractions, spectacular scenery, and sumptuous fare, it is not surprising that the area is popular among travelers. Those planning a sojourn and in this lovely city should consider Marrakech boutique hotels when organizing their trip.

In the mid-nineteen eighties, the popularity of boutique hotels skyrocketed for the first time. They are independent, modest sized facilities, and during the aforementioned decade they popped up all around the world. Numerous travel experts were at first skeptical about this type of establishment; however, critiques are now considered major contenders for travelers' dollars each year. This trend will probably continue in the future.

Such facilities most a nontraditional design. However, most boutique chains feature a certain number of rooms of the same size, shape, and decor. The exterior design of such hotels is usually similar to the other establishments and buildings in the city where it is located.

Hotels of this kind are usually located in popular tourist destinations. However, such facilities can also be found in certain small towns. One of the main benefits of these establishments is the fact that they provide guests with an experience that is much more intimate than they have come to expect from large chains. They usually cater to private events as well, including exclusive painting classes, dancing lessons, and sight seeing expeditions.

The targeted market for facilities of this kind are the young and affluent and those who enjoy seeking adventure. The average age of those who frequently patronize boutiques is anywhere from 21 to 50. However, such establishments have also increased in popularity among those who travel for business over the past few years.

As mentioned earlier, with the exception of one or two large chains that now offer boutiques as an option, most establishments of this type are of modest size. They typically feature between eight and ten rooms. High quality service and unique features and amenities are at each guest's disposal, which many vacationers feel makes up for the small size of such facilities.

Reservations at boutiques can be made online or through a travel agent. It is always important to compare at least two or three different establishments before one finalizes his or her plans. This will ensure that the best price is secured. A person may also wish to consider all-inclusive packages, as this option is often the most cost-effective. Even when looking for all-inclusive deals, however, it is still wise to comparison shop before making a final decision.

Additionally, many facilities of this type are known to tailor the services and amenities they offer to each guest for the purpose of creating an entirely unique experience for every individual to whom they rent rooms. This motivates numerous vacationers to return to the same hotel year after year, as they have come to expect a satisfactory experience. This is why those planning to visit Morocco should consider Marrakech boutique hotels when finalizing their plans.

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