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Vacations In Majorca Are Invigorating

By Scott Donald

One of the most famous holiday areas located in gorgeous Spain, is Majorca. The popularity of holidays in Majorca are due to an abundance of activity and rich culture. All types of travelers are welcome. Start off by taking a bus, train, or carriage and get going with a tour in the capital city, Palma.

Vacationers looking to unwind, can do so while sunbathing on their beautiful beaches. An on-the-go vacationer will value the abundance of activities that are available. Majorca is also a great place for any traveler seeking enlightenment through history and art. It accommodates all, whether there for a singles vacation, honeymoon, sporting, or family functions.

The island has been inhabited for millennia. Its coastline has been vulnerable to attack and has been subdued, overrun, and inhabited many times, leading to a change in cultural behavior over many years. People on the island speak Spanish and Mallorqui. Mallorqui is a language that sprouts from Catalan and is spoken regionally. Just as it is with other tourist destinations, some even speak a little English. Visitors should take time to learn a few Spanish phrases, as an aid.

Those who feel free when active in sports, can engage in island golf or scuba diving. Other island sporting events include tennis, horseback riding, and water skiing to name several. Like many areas of Spain, the daily Siesta is almost a necessity, so loosen up. The bustle will pick up again.

Seasonal foods are a must on a Majorcan holiday. One should not exit the island without trying the eggplant dish, tumbet or frit Mallorqui, a varying casserole dish, like many, made from offal of fish and/or meat. If meat is desired, sobrassada is necessary to try. Sobrassada is a cured meat sausage made from pork and spices eaten a lot in Majorca.

Majorcan holidays are made easy by the residents and because Majorca has temperate weather and an abundance of sunshine, it means travelers can visit all year round.

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