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Enjoy Dirt Bike Tours Cambodia

By Harriett Crosby

Cambodia is one of the most wonderful countries in South East Asia with no shortage of fantastic attractions for visitors to enjoy. This includes the magnificent temples in Angkor Wat, the beaches in Sihanoukville, the Ocean of Trees in Sen Monorom, Ream National Park, Tonle Sap lake to name but a few. There is also a lot to see off the beaten track and what better to see the real Cambodia that buy joining one of the dirt bike tours Cambodia

There are very few motorable roads in Cambodia so access to much of the country requires an off road vehicle or a dirt bike. However, it is not wise to go it alone as sadly much of the country remains littered with landmines from the Vietnam war era and the awful time of Pol Pot. Therefore joining a tour would be a safer and much more enjoyable way to see the real Cambodia.

The majority of the country is rural and connected by dirt tracks and unpaved roads. This makes Cambodia perfect for dirt riding. You will be able to choose from pre-arranged tours or set your own itinerary. A tour will vary in length, from a few days of riding to several weeks, taking in as much of the country as possible.

Pre-arrange itineraries will include as many of the countries tourist attractions as possible, as well as get you nicely off the beaten track. Many will take in the temples at Angkor Wat and it will be possible to stay there for a few days to take it all in. While on tour you will be able to find hidden Buddhist temples, enjoy water crossings and get high up in the hills to enjoy spectacular vistas.

One example of a fantastic biking tour could follow the Mekong river into hilltribe country at the Laos and Vietnam border, before heading into the stunning Mondulkiri and rattanakiri hills. Another tour may head along the coast in the southern part of the country, before heading into the remote national parks that are in the region.

The remote Aural National Park and Cardamon Mountains are also popular places for dirt riding tours, especially with the more advanced enduro bikers. The fabulous Tonle Sap Lake, fishing villages, rubber plantations are other attractions that you may well enjoy along the trail. You will also get to experience a different culture and see how real Cambodian people live.

Most operators offer a tour for novice riders as well as a tour for more experienced enduro riders. Operators will have bikes to suit every type of rider, such as the XR250, CRF230 or Kawasaki 250 Sherpa. They also have big off roaders like the WR250F, XR400, WR450F and CRF450. Also, many of the operators offer lessons for beginners and they all provide safety information before setting off on a tour.

So if you are considering an adventure holiday or are backpacking in Cambodia, why not experience one of the dirt bike tours Cambodia that are available from specialist tours operators? You will see much more of the country and get to enjoy a thrilling ride through stunning scenery and experience a fascinating culture.

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