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How To Measure The Horse Rugs Properly

By Cornelia White

There are surely a lot of individuals these days who are interested in taking care of several equestrian animals. If the owner plans to take care of them, then be sure to pick the right horse rugs that suit them the most. Even if they have their natural coat, people should get them the appropriate rug that gives them extra protection against harmful elements.

To those people who are concerned with their animals, they should make sure that the rug they chose are really fitted properly for their animal. The proper fitting of the rug is important to an animal's safety and comfort. Get the right measurement for the said rug. Here are several steps to get the measurement for this item.

First of all, it is necessary for the person to have a soft measuring tape. This is the item needed for measuring the body of the animal. When it comes to the measuring of the animal's body, one has to make sure that the said animal is already relaxed. Get the animal's measurement only when it is eating in a stall or in cross-ties.

Stand right near the said animal's front shoulder. The starting position for the measuring tape of the said animal is at the center of the chest, right underneath the said animal's neck. Make sure to position the end of this measuring tape correctly so that one does not have to do the measurement all over again.

Make sure that the measuring tape is properly position on its point. After that, slowly extend one's measuring tape across this animal's side until it cannot extend any further. Note what the measurement says on the tape. Marking the point where one has ended the initial measurement, reposition the tape there.

Starting from the repositioned point, the owner should again extend this measuring tape. It must be extended along this animal's side. Stop before this measuring tape reaches this animal's tail. Ensure that the measuring tape stops at least ten inches below the point where the top of the tail begins. Note what the measurement on the tape says.

Once the person has two measurements already, what the person needs to do next is to add these two numbers. With the sum that one can get, it should be possible to obtain the proper sizing for the rug which one wants to purchase. For the sizes, they will be sold in measurements in two-inches increments.

The owner should also pay close attention to the warnings and tips that come with this. A good example is on the selection of the right size for the rug. If the rug is too big, it will slip off the animal's body and pose a risk when its legs get tangled in it. If it is ill-fitting, rubs and sores will appear.

The soft measuring tape is more flexible that any other measuring tape one can use as an alternative. The person will have to use this to take the measurement of the animal more efficiently. If it is possible, one should also get the help of a friend or another person to get the proper measurement of these horse rugs.

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