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Top And Best Obstacle Course Races

By Eugenia Dickerson

There are many best obstacle course races that can be used in order to make the activity more challenging. Whichever you want and whichever you think is going to be hard. As an example, there is the civilian military combine where the challenger has to lift off the barbell. If he can not do that, then he can not enter the course and go to the next level.

Also, you may as well include the muddy obstacle in this challenge. This is the perfect solution to gain some hardships while they are wading with all their might to pass through the place. This is going to test their speed and carefulness so as not to fall onto the mud face down that will affect the progress.

You can also include the backpack that is filled with a ton of these weights. This can stall them for a while. So that the staminas limitation will be tested. If they can go any further bringing with them the weights at the back of their body. This will let them balance their movement as well.

If you have the love for the undead dead series then you can abide by the run for the life law. This is going to be fun especially when the whole area will be filled with screams and frights. Sometimes, you have to give them creeps through zombies so they could move with such speed.

For a few bouts of cardio exercises, you may need to bring the challengers down. You need some Spartans to guard the area so that no possible break in will happen. And these Spartans have to bring the pillow or an object that shall be used to hit these challengers.

If you are needing some excitements and something that will make them tumbling backwards and forward, then you must have the slimy path covered with the slimy substance This is very much advised. Especially when you wanted to stall the participant through tumbling back and forth.

Net climbing is also advised here. This will be the time where the participants have to climb the area that is covered with net. This is going to stall them for a little while. This is going to let them strain their muscle and all. Especially when this kind of climbing is way harder than the so called wall climbing.

If you have seen those movies where the actor will be trained to be a solider, you will notice them crawling beneath barb wires. They will have to crawl in the muddy area and dock as low as they could. So that they will not get hit by the barb wires that are known to be pretty damaging since they cut skin.

And lastly, the best obstacle course races will involve the warrior dash. This is the battle of the fittest where the other contenders are the best among the bests. You will be competing with a bunch of these warriors with such speed that you will never saw them dashing forth. With that, then the challenge will perk everything up.

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