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Main Facts Relating To The Use Of Emergency Survival Kits

By Harriett Crosby

Emergency survival kits are important tools that are often overlooked by many tools until the unexpected happens. They could mean the difference between living and dying or suffering from serious injury. During assembly of the kit, there are a number of things that you need to consider so that it does not become cumbersome. The number and types of items that will be packed depends on whether the items are to be used just once or are re-usable.

Start by creating a list of the items that you consider very important in your life. List all the possible things that you can imagine. Narrow this list down to include only the most essential. This is to prevent the kit from become burdensome. One of the most important things that you can start with on your list is some form of shelter. This will help protect you from unfavourable weather in an emergency situation.

There are many ideas that you can consider when thinking about a type of shelter. The most frequently used types of shelter include, among others, tents, tarps and trash bags. It is possible to modify nylon ponchos into some form of tents. The material chosen should be light and easy to carry around.

Related to the shelter is the need for warm bedding. The top two choices for bedding are wool and fleece. These have their advantages and disadvantages. Both are always warm even when wet. Wool has the additional benefit of being a flame retardant while fleece is also very lightweight. Foil type blankets are very easy to pack and very warm as well. Cotton bedding should be avoided whenever possible as they lead to loss of body heat.

Water is a must. Ensure that there is enough room for this essential commodity. It is recommended that each person drinks between 130 and 160 oz of water per day. There are many ways in which the water can be packaged. Commonly used options include sterilised bottles, water bags and reusable containers. The shelf life of mineralised water is about 5 years. It should therefore be replaced regularly.

There are types of foods that you can choose from as you prepare your kit. The choice depends on your tastes and preferences primarily. There are other considerations to have in mind though. As much as you are planning for an emergency situation, ensure that there is a balance in the types of food groups chosen as well as the mineral salts. One person requires not less than 2000 calories per day of energy. You can base your calculations on this fact. Granolas and food bars are highly preferred.

The need for personal effects is largely dependent on the availability of space. Items such as towels, soap and other toiletries are not an absolute necessity but tend to make life comfortable. A first aid kit may come in handy as well. The main components of such a kit include antibiotics, anticoagulants, gauze rolls and painkillers.

The importance of emergency survival kits cannot be overemphasized. One needs to plan in advance to avoid the confusion that arises whenever difficulties arise. You need to keep inspecting your kit regularly to ensure that it is always intact. In addition, make sure that all the persons in your household have a kit of their own.

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