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Ways To Find Your Car If It Is Parking Near A Crowded Lot

By Harriett Crosby

There are occasions where you are in a hurry without looking around. In these cases, you will find it really hard to locate your car especially in a crowded lot. You have to remember landmarks in order for you to find your way back. Parking near Seatac can help you get you back on the right track.

When you go on hunting for a spot, stay behind a known area. Choose a space where it is familiar enough to get back to. If you can not see posts or trees around, create your own sign. You can stick a ribbon or a bright tape on the structure that you are near to.

It is also easier to take an area where it is nearer to the entrance of the store where you are going. Try not to stay near crowds. Most probably if there will be vacant spaces, it will be at the farthest edge of the lot. This will be away from buildings. If you choose to stay there, you will have fewer rivals covering your view.

Pick a row wherein short cars are lined up so you can easily search for your place. Choose the type where huge trucks are not blocking your view. These trucks will only give you a difficulty in locating. Your car will be hidden from their size. However, if you can not find spaces available except that then make that truck your marking.

Look at your surroundings and the place around it. In famous establishments and parks, there are signage and markings to help drivers. It will light up to know the station that you parked. They also put up numbers by rows and markings on the floors. If they are present, write the sign where you are situated. It will give you more time to enjoy where you are going.

Remember the row that you pulled into. This will assist you if you can not see a visible sign. Count back each row that you come across from your spot. Stop until you reach the portal you enter.

If you do not hold a paper with you for the number, remind yourself by saying it loudly. It should help you remember and say it over and over. If you are there with someone else, tell him the number where you stayed. This will give the both of you a conscious memory.

As you begin to walk towards to entry point, determine the things you see around it. If there are furniture or boutiques that you came across, remember them. This picture will help you not to forget the place.

With the help of your camera phone, click a photograph of the place. Capture the space where you are parking and other familiar landmarks. Every time you are in an unfamiliar place, do this constantly. Put stuffed animals are stickers behind your vehicle. Use a ribbon to tie around your antenna to know it is yours. Make interesting strategies in parking near Seatac.

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