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An Introduction To Horseware Ireland Clothing

By Marcie Goodman

One of the leading names within the equestrian industry is Horseware Ireland Clothing. This company was first established during 1985 and they developed a horse rug which changed the world of horse rugs. This company is the most popular in the equestrian sector. This company has developed a wide range of clothes including leisure wear, riding wear, horse wear and accessories. The products are manufactured by this company have become well known for their high level of quality.

When this company first started their initial goal was to develop a rug which did not allow water through whilst preventing the horse from sweating. The Rambo Original turnout rug was the first rug that was completely waterproof whilst still being breathable for the horse. This rug was very popular as it done exactly what was required.

In 1996 the Rambo Original turnout rug was the best that was available. The design that was used for this rug became very popular and this led to other manufacturers using similar design ideas. It fair to say that this company has been a leading name for a number of years.

The key aim of Horseware Ireland Clothing is to be innovative not imitation. The company reviews all the products on a regular basis and any improvements are made which will make the products even better. The improvements are made in an attempt to make the life and comfort of the horse and rider better in whatever way is possible. The products which are produced by this equestrian company are innovative both in terms of the design and also the products that are used.

Over the years the range of products that are offered by Horseware Ireland Clothing has grown and developed. Nowadays there is an extensive range of products available and these are all very popular with both the riders and the horses.

In addition to all of the horse blankets and rugs that are provided this company all offers a range of clothes and accessories. The full range of products which are offered by this company has expanded considerably over the years. The clothing range is all designed for people that are active whilst allowing them to look stylish.

The product range which this company has developed includes jackets, tops and kids clothing. The clothing range which is provided by this equestrian company includes gillets, poloshirts, riding sock and breeches. This equestrian clothing company has something to suit everyone and everything is made to an extremely high standards in terms of the level of quality.

If you are a parent of child that rides then you will want to keep them cosy and what better way than one of the Horseware Ireland Clothing childrens jackets. The childrens jackets like all other clothing from this company is produced using only the finest materials and these jackets feature a fleece lining and a hood. Most of the clothing that is produced by the Horseware Ireland clothing company is machine washable and this is something that is very important to a lot of equestrian people due to the level of washing that the clothing will require.

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