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Delray Beach Florida Is A Great Place For A Relaxed Lifestyle

By Jony Mozen

If you want a laid-back, relaxed lifestyle, you might want to consider moving to the coast. In fact, a Delray Beach Florida home may be just the answer. It's not for nothing, after all, that many people retire to the Sunshine State where they can enjoy the sun and the sea every day.

The town is a seaside community that is located in Palm Beach County on the Florida peninsula. It's just north of Boca Raton on a stretch known as the Treasure Coast. Miami is about 50 miles, less than an hour's drive, to the south.

As with most Sunshine State locations, the climate is tropical. In summer it can be hot and humid, with temperatures often hovering around 90 degrees in July and in August. However, even in winter you'll love being outside and maybe even in the water, since the daytime temperatures rarely drop to below 75 degrees. At night in winter it becomes 'cold', with minimum temperatures of about 57 degrees.

It was the construction of a house of refuge for sailors shipwrecked along the coast that permanent settlement began in the area. This happened in 1876 and within a decade, there was also a vibrant African-American farming community that lived here. When pineapple farming became less lucrative, the local economy received a boost in the 1920s when the tourism industry moved in and began constructing hotels.

The fantastic beaches that gave Delray Beach its name are the main attraction. Here you can take long strolls at sunrise or sunset, bathe in lovely warm water or just relax in the sunshine. If you like scuba diving or snorkeling, be sure to check out the wreck of a ship sunk in 1903 that lies in shallow water offshore and teems with colorful marine life.

Sports are an important part of the local lifestyle. There are several golf courses where you can try and improve your handicap. The biggest sport here is tennis, though, and even the ATP tour has a tournament in town every year. If you regard shopping as a legitimate sport, you'll be happy to know that there are plenty of little boutiques and galleries to scour for interesting finds. Restaurants abound too and in late winter it's time for an event called Savor the Avenue, which involves the state's longest dinner table. Garlic lovers should check out the festival held locally in honor of the pungent bulb.

The Colony Hotel was built in 1926 and is one of the fascinating historical buildings in town. Another site to visit is the Old School Square Cultural Arts Center, located in the old elementary and high school buildings dating from early in the 20th century. Here you'll be able to enjoy some theatrical performances or marvel at the exhibits at the Cornell Museum of Art and American Culture. If you want to learn more about Japanese art and culture, be sure to visit the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens too.

Homes in Delray Beach Florida are available in a variety of sizes and for different budgets. You'll also find plenty of rentals if you can't afford to buy or if you're reluctant to making such a big commitment. However, you'll probably soon find that living in paradise is something you'll want to do for a long time to come.

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