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Look Great On Horseback With ZP176 Clothing

By Jerri Perry

Horse-riding usually conjures up different images for different people. Some may think of cowboys out on the range, wearing leather chaps and Western boots. Others think of jockeys in sweaters of many colors. The most elegant type of rider though seems to be the one in jodhpurs, riding boots, cap and fitted jacket. These riders often move in the type of circles that can afford horses bred from champion bloodlines. With ZP176 equestrian clothing, you can feel like an aristocrat too.

A family that has done more than any other to cement riding's aristocratic image, even if it probably wasn't their intent, has been the royal family of Great Britain. Until not too long ago, Queen Elizabeth II was often seen riding out on her country estate and she's still the owner of racehorses that have won championships like Ascot. Prince Phillip is regarded as a bit of an equestrian pioneer and Princes William and Harry often appear in press photographs in their polo uniforms. Even Prince Charles is still an avid rider and polo player.

The Queen's daughter Princess Anne was a riding champion when she was younger and she was the first member of her family to compete in the Olympic Games. She met her first husband, Captain Mark Phillips, in equestrian circles. He was a champion rider too and had won a gold medal at the Olympic Games in 1972.

Naturally the Princess and her husband would have children who loved riding too. Zara Phillips, their daughter, went one further and became a world champion in the equestrian sport known as eventing. She capped this with a silver medal at the Olympic Games held in London in 2012 and received her medal from none other than her mother.

Zara seems to excel in everything she does. In school she was a great athlete but also received excellent grades. When she went on to study at university, she chose physiotherapy and qualified as a specialist in equine physiotherapy. Her husband has played rugby for England and now they're the parents of a little girl who will no doubt inherit a passion for horses and an extraordinary athletic ability.

Clearly not one for sitting still, Zara has diversified into a completely different industry too with the launch of her line of clothing. Unsurprisingly, she chose to design a range of equestrian clothes. They are stylish and fashionable but they do not compromise on comfort. The line includes not only tops and jackets but also accessories like riding caps, headbands and even socks.

Zara designed her range in collaboration with Musto Outdoor Clothing, a company that also sponsors her as a rider. There are Musto stores throughout the United Kingdom. They also have an online store and will deliver almost anywhere in Europe.

British lovers of the outdoor lifestyle know and respect Musto's merchandise, which also includes ranges for activities like sailing. If you want a little aristocratic style, however, you can't go wrong with the ZP176 range that Zara Phillips has designed. Maybe these stylish items will even inspire you to become a great rider.

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