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Benefits Of Key West Tarpon Guides

By Jayne Rutledge

When going fishing, Key West tarpon guides will come in handy for a successful exercise. Tarpons are known to spit hooks and thus measures should be taken to ensure this is does not happen. The fish have hard mouths and sharp clean hooks are mandatory. The hook needs to be inspected for hours to check if there are burrs, open eyes, damaged barbs and bent points. The hook is supposed to be clean, free of rust and most important, very sharp.

The hooks that are used at any given time should be new. This however does not mean they should not be inspected because there is still the possibility that some may have factory defects. For the best quality, experts recommend that people should go for brands that are proven. Among the best choices are circle hooks because they hook the corners of the mouth of the fish. Thus once they are properly set, there is little chance that they will be unbuttoned. Further, they release easily and are fish friendly.

An example of a method used to tire out tarpons easily and fast is getting down and dirty. This will always require that the anglers stay on top of the fish. When tarpons go towards the right, side pressure gets applied to the right and conversely. Keeping the fish on a short leash is recommended, preferably at a distance not exceeding 40 feet from the boat.

The drag setting is a very crucial aspect. It should be set for optimal fighting performance of the tarpons. Novice fishermen tend to set the drag too tight and thus they will lose fish every other time. Tarpons are large and demonstrate immense power and force. These fish feed in a drive-by fashion. This implies they will accelerate speed of their swimming when attacking their bait and thus drags that are set too tight will imply the rods will be bent and lines broken.

Apart from hiring tarpon guides, the best way of locating them is to have local knowledge of the area where the fishing is being done. This may involve asking people that live around some questions. Once the research has been done, it is time to get fishing. One should pick a day with good tidal movement. As long as they have adequate tidal flow, outgoing or incoming tides are both appropriate for tarpon.

Checking of tarpon tackle and knots is very important. One big mistake that some people make is tying knots improperly. Double checking of knots is recommended because failure to do properly tie them will lead to losing of fish. Also, the main line is supposed to be free of tear or any abrasions.

The longer tarpons are fought, the more they are likely to get fatigued. When they get that tired and they are not resuscitated in time, their chances of surviving are minimum. They usually die as a result of complications that result from exhaustion. To avoid over taxing them, anglers are advised to boat the fish quickly. One should never attempt boating large tarpons. Their measurements can be taken while safely holding them over the side of the boat.

For those that live in Key West tarpon guides will come very much in handy. One will be able to learn the techniques of successful fishing. Without proper techniques and certain tips, the whole exercise may be futile.

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