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Finding A Comfortable Lone Wolf Replacement Seat

By Krystal Branch

When trying to choose the proper Lone Wolf replacement seat it is important to remember that not all of the seats are interchangeable. When you commit to sitting in a tree stand for several hours waiting for your quarry to come to you it is important to be happy with your circumstances. If the place you must sit is uncomfortable or damaged by the elements or small animals you can be in for a very long day.

When in a tree stand it is very important not to make noises that may alert the animal you are hunting to your position. If the equipment you are seated on is not silent it can scare away that deer or turkey you are after and ruin your experience. One option is a hammock like accessory that will fit a couple of available frames. These are called silent seats.

The unique styling of these silent seats allows them to slide out of your way when you stand. They also do not absorb water and do not hold your body aromas as you sit there for long periods. It is very comfortable and needs no back rest. This product fits the sit and climb tree stand.

Researching the set up you need is very important before you purchase. Many of the seats available are not able to be used in other models of tree stands. The idea of being out in the woods with an accessory that does not fit properly and spending hours in an uncomfortable position is not pleasant.

This company like many others decided to outsource their production to another country a few years ago. This was a short lived decision and by last year they had moved all of the production back to the United States. Today every tree stand they make is made in America and the product supply and quality has improved to the highest level ever.

Another model of custom seating that can be purchased from this company involves two layers of comfort gel padding strategically placed in a covering that is water proof and designed to last for several years. The gel layers are incorporated into a three layer stack of foam to create one of this company's most comfortable seats. This model fits the Alpha Model and is produced in collaboration with another company.

You can find equipment for bow hunters and gun users that can be interchanged for each season. The sit and climb is one model that works for both types of hunting and the accessories can be changed to suit the season. These accessories include seating and can be purchased individually or in pairs. The sling seating is one option you can choose for this tree stand set up.

When choosing your Lone Wolf replacement seat is is a good idea to check with a reputable dealer or the manufacturer before purchasing anything. Many times the original model has been improved over the years and you can upgrade to a more comfortable seat for your set up. Other times you may be able to substitute another model to achieve the effect you are looking for.

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