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Discovering The Things You Didn't Know About South Florida May Make You Change Your Life

By Jony Mozen

People think so many things about Florida. It's the sunshine state. Oranges are its main crop. Alligators cross highways. Hurricanes visit regularly. People love to retire here. But there are things you didn't know about South Florida that you probably wished you did.

South Florida consists of cities like Miami. We all know the lure, beauty, and drama of Miami. Gorgeous beaches filled with hot bodies by day and lush clubs with Latin influences beckon by night. But Miami has a rich history. Throughout the years it has gone through its ups and downs, but the draw has always been strong. Here you can find most U. S. Corporations Latin headquarters because of the proximity to South America.

With a mostly Hispanic population that is generally Cuban, you have a city where the culture of its people reflect in the architecture, music, culture, and feel of the city. With bright colors, dynamic musical beats, and a fashion base that the rich and famous yearn for, Miami isn't just hot in temperature.

Boca Raton has a reputation as the end point for the elderly of the States. But this city is where Florida's only five star resort lies. The Boca Resort and Club started in the twenties by the Ritz Carlton hoteliers. The name was changed and in the late sixties two pink towers were added, but the dedication to class, elegance, and style never changed. That elegance is what directs the pulse of the city now and the people who live here are bearers of that beat.

When people thought of spring break, they thought of Fort Lauderdale. But those days are long gone. This city ditched that reputation and instead built on its name, the Venice of America. With extensive waterways winding through the area it is a haven for those that love and own boats. In fact, one of the biggest industries in the area is yacht manufacturing. Finding a home on the canal is the best of both worlds.

Located on the most southern point of Florida is Key West. Their location puts them closer to Cuba than the mainland of Florida. This place of hanging between two worlds has created a magical lure that many find addictive. The tourists that come seem to always return to enjoy the amazing restaurants, shopping, and of course, the hospitality of the locals.

Magic has some play here as presidents have lived here. Even more amazing is writers like Tennessee Williams wrote A Streetcar Named Desire here. And Ernest Hemingway found this location as the inspiration for books like To Have and Have Not and For Whom the Bell Tolls. There must be something in the water to inspire such creativity.

This area of Florida has been inhabited by Indians, conquered by Spain, and had the British organizing and remodeling the land. But the things you didn't know about this area are also the very reason you want to come and live here. The life in South Florida is something different than everywhere else.

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