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Product Excellence From Horseware Ireland

By Jayne Rutledge

Established in 1985 horseware Ireland has set the standard for the horseware industry leaving competitors with only the option to copy their work and ideas. Proprietors Tom and Carol MacGuiness have a company policy that demands innovation and constant review of products they create. This policy has lead to many improvements in the original rug created for horses.

The first rug, the Rambo, was a tremendous improvement over what was found on the market previously. The fabric was lighter in weight and water resistant to keep the animals dry and warm. The shape of this rug was detailed to fit a horse properly and not slide around on its body and contained front clasps for consumer ease. This and other products gave them the reputation of being the best and highest producer of turnout rugs in the industry.

The bottom line policy of this company is constant review and innovative thinking. They are constantly improving their products to make them more consumer and horse friendly. Some improvements have presented themselves as a new line of product such as wugs. They differ from the rugs in that they are worn outside as well as inside the barn. The construction and materials are designed for use in different climates and terrains.

Some changes include covers for the head and tail and fly busters to keep the pests off the horses as well as keep them cool and comfortable. Their designs also have higher neck coverage and are fitted to different sized animals. They have also created a line of rugs and wugs for dogs living in areas located in colder climates.

The special fillers that are used are thermo-bonded to recover the fullness, or loft, should the horse crush it in some manner. This special feature allows air to circulate evenly in and around the rug, thereby keeping the animal warmer and dryer than other rugs or wugs. Another aspect of their products is called rip-stop. This system, originally used in flack jackets for police and soldiers, helps keep the covers from tearing should they get punctured during normal use.

One of their best innovations concerns the nanotech moisture management system. This system chemically bonds water repelling molecules to fabric molecules to create a fabric that repels water and allows body moisture and water vapor to pass freely through it. This process allows for a much better feel to the fabric because it is not a surface applied substance designed to repel water.

They are partners with agencies that promote human and animal sensitivity. They are affiliated with the ISPCA as well as Manege Zonder Dremples. Two organizations dedicated to the improvement of circumstances involving human and animal issues. One of the agencies supply carriage rides for disabled children and for the other agency they supply rugs for dogs and horses that have been abandoned worldwide. The focus of their assistance falls on animals that have been abused and starved.

The Horseware Ireland Company is also an environmentally friendly enterprise. They use only renewable wind generated power in their Irish factory. They are also very community aware and have aligned themselves with the Manege Zonder Dremples who create and supply specially adapted carriages for severely disabled children as a form of therapy. Another alliance is with the ISPCA by supplying horse and dog rugs for abandoned and abused animals that have been rescued. They project a superbly professional attitude that speaks to the future of the world.

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