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How Horseware Saves Time Grooming

By Jerri Perry

Horse owners today are very busy and have many responsibilities. Anything they can do to save themselves some time is well worth it. Many people are finding that the right horseware can really help them cut down significantly on grooming, especially if they are getting ready for an important show.

Horses are beautiful animals that are very happy and willing to work. For thousands of years they have perform work for humans and have often formed incredible partnerships. In ancient times generals rode to war on their favorite horse and these noble animals often died in battle. Before the industrial revolution it was horses who pulled ploughs and carts and provided the primary means of transport.

No matter what level they are at every rider wants to do their best. They spend hours training and hope to be the blue ribbon winner on the day. Many riders have found that using the right rugs and blankets they can really create an advantage on the big day. A horse must be in the very best condition to show well. Good feeding and very careful care will all combine to make sure the animal looks absolutely perfect.

A show horse will need a lot of different blankets and sheets. During the winter horses grow a thick winter coat to keep them warm. Amazingly they can weather some frigid weather on their own. However, a horse that is in training and being ridden regularly will need to be clipped. In this process all the thick hair is shaved off. This allows them to be ridden without getting too hot and sweaty.

A show horse must look absolutely perfect when they go into the ring. This takes many hours of grooming and conditioning. Yet something as simple as having the right coverings can really make the crucial difference in the show ring. Many of the new rugs have a polyester filling that actually polishes the animals coat and adds extra shine.

As horses need to be turned out in the field every day a good warm blanket is essential. In fact many owners like their animals to have a designated turn out blanket and a slightly lighter stable rug. They can add layers to this as the weather gets colder. The lighter layers are also very easy to wash and help to keep the horses coat clean and ready for a show. Show preparation takes many hours and a lot of work so every little bit of help is appreciated by the owners and barn staff.

In the past few years some great new products have hit the market. One of the best of these are the light weight and stretchy hoods. They are perfect for keeping a show horse beautifully clean and shiny. They also help to train the animals mane to lay flat against its neck.

One of the best new products to hit the market in recent years have been the Lycra stretch hoods for horses. They save hours of grooming and help to keep the horses mane tangle free. With new and innovative horseware hitting the market each year there is always something new to look at and add to the tack box. Any product that saves time and work is a welcome addition.

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