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The Amigo Mio Is A Rug That Is Designed To Fit Most Equines

By Marcie Goodman

Horses and ponies need various rugs these days to see to their needs. With so many rugs on the market, finding ones that fit well and stay in place is not an easy task. Finding the Amigo Mio is a solution to a lot of rugging problems.

They are manufactured from a type of polyester that appears quite flimsy, yet it is as strong and hard wearing as any other material used for this purpose. The use of this light fabric means the rugs can fit snugly around any shape of horse. Added to the front leg arches which are a patented design, this produces neatly fitting rugs that still allow for all the natural movements of the animal such as rolling, kicking and galloping.

The turnout rug comes in a large range of sizes for ponies and horses. The normal range of weights are available and there are some good colour combinations. There is also a choice of normal turnout or a one piece turnout, which has an integrated neck. As the neck is part of the complete rug, it does not put extra pressure on the bottom of the neck which can rub or cause discomfort.

All the turnout rugs have double front fastenings with two surcingles crossed diagonally under the belly. The one piece also has two fastenings on the neck to keep it securely in place. Once these are adjusted properly to fit your horse, they hold the rug snugly round the animal with no loose parts to catch on fences and trees, with no restriction on the natural movements the horse may want to express.

Turn out rugs are not the whole story either. The mio range includes a fly rug with integrated neck which protects your horse or pony from all manner of insects, while the knitted material keeps it cool and protected from the harshest of the suns rays. The bronze with red trim gives a pleasing appearance for mot horses.

There was also a range of stable rugs with just one front fastener and a belly strap. These come in a range of weights and colours too and all have an inner silky shoulder protection. These will keep your horse snug, warm and clean whilst in the stable.

No rug range would be complete without a fleece and this is no exception. Again available with or without an integral neck, these versatile rugs come in more standard colour choices. They can be used as a day rug, an under rug or for travelling as well as the normal use of keeping a wet or sweaty horse warm while it dries off naturally. Then for the summer their is the final rug a skrim rug for cooling a horse on a hot day, with solid and mesh panels to allow the horses skin to breathe.

Whatever you are looking for in a rug to suit your animals needs the Amigo Mio is a solution to a lot of rugging problems. Once you know how well they fit you can find the right rugs for your every need. If you cannot get the type and colour you want from your local supplier, now you know they are available you can hunt them down.

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