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What People Think About The Amigo Turnout

By Eula Nichols

Horseware Ireland is the producer of multiple types of covers for horses. The amigo turnout cover is one of them. The creator of these sheets is Tom Mac Guinness and his wife Carol who started their business on the idea that they could produce a superior product for the horse population worldwide. They have been an amazing success at doing just that.

When asked about this product consumers say that it is basically the best they have encountered. The unique characteristics of design make it one of the top rated covers in the world and the company that makes them is an industry leader in horse wares.

The reason for this superior performance is partly due to the company motto of Innovation not Imitation that drives every improvement made. Each process used is constantly examined and explored for ways to improve them. Most of these processes are protected by registered trademarks and patents for name and production systems.

These horse covers regularly receive high ratings from customers who have purchased them. They comment on the strength and durability of their cover as well as the ability to keep the horse warm and dry all winter. The fabric design is water proof and has filler that allows the fabric to breathe and keep the horse from sweating. The wicking nature the fabric possesses allows the sweat vapors to evaporate away from the animal.

All of the straps and clasps are made to be adjustable for a secure fit that will not slip or become uncomfortable for the horse. The makeup of the fabric is strong enough to with stand pulling and biting from your horse as well as others in the herd. Clasps are rounded and simple to use for horse comfort and consumer ease.

Another aspect that consumers appreciate is the cost of this horse cover. It is very reasonably priced and reportedly will last for several years without mishap. The Rip Stop nylon outer shell prevents tears from nearly any source and is designed to prevent raveling or fraying in the event a snag does happen. All stress points and bindings are double stitched for extra strength and durability.

People put covers on their horses to protect them from the elements. The horse can actually tolerate the rain and cold but it is also prone to getting lung and breathing problems. Using a cover that keep them dry and warm can help prevent these problems. The coats will also prevent the horses coat from fading in the sun or from becoming shaggy with a winter hair. The covers also protect your animal when you transport him in a trailer. They act as a barrier between the metal sides of your trailer and your horse's body.

Regardless of where you live or the weather you may experience an amigo turnout can serve you and your horse well. It protects from the cold as well as the heat and sun. It can also serve to keep the show horse in perfect order prior to any showing. With boots for the legs they also protect the animals while traveling in trailers. When everything is said and done many people consider these covers to be one of the must have items for every horse owner.

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