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Various Functions Of Key West Tarpon Guides

By Winnie Ford

The tarpon is one of the fish that is most sought after in Key West. It is also called the silver king and grows to over 200lbs. The majority of the migrating fish seen between April and June are in the range of 70lbs. This however does not mean one cannot find larger ones. There are a number of techniques of fishing and one chooses what they feel is best for them. For those that look to fish in Key West tarpon guides are very vital.

Among the very easy ways to get tarpons to eat when they start being picky is attempting to feed them on a fly. Choosing the fly is an important part of the fishing. Such factors as shape, size and color are considered. In the case of water that is salty, size and shape are not as important as the action of the fly. The fly can float on water, be partially sunken or fully under water.

Guides offer many patterns and colors that individuals will be expected to choose from. The ease with which hook up is done will be dependent on the choice of fly, further underlining the importance of making the right choices. Tarpons will be found in large pods during their early migration period. Others will be found in deeper flats and channels.

Migrating tarpons are fun and the guide will usually ask individuals to get be up early and fish for rolling fish. At such times, the fish are excited and will perform some kind of dance through daisy chaining in circles. While early morning is still a great time for fishing, the fish can still be found throughout the day and even after it becomes dark.

Among the most popular trips is that to Key West Harbor. It is not uncommon to find people using several hook ups. For persons that have full-day charters, fishing can be done all through the day, plus they can catch more fish at night to use for dinner. Fishing at night is an interesting sport in itself. Most people enjoy it. Sinking plugs and spin casting outfits are used to reel through water in nearby deeper channels.

Hook setting is also a crucial step that usually needs guidance so that it is done properly. This is especially so for people who do not have a lot of experience. Given the large mouths of tarpons, it is advisable to drop roughly 10 feet of the line before it is left to tighten. There is also the alternative of leaving rods in their holder until fish start to strip lines off the reel. Others also put the tip of the rod in water before pulling fast.

Guidance is also required with right setting of the drag. There are a number of anglers set the drag too tight. A good rule is 20 to 25 percent of the line. It is also worth remembering that knots weaken lines by as much as 25 percent. If the tarpon keep breaking the line, heavier lines are used.

For individuals that look forward to fishing in Key West tarpon guides are very important. They insure fishing is effectively and efficiently done. It is one of the ways to ensure fishing tarpon becomes enjoyable.

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