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Rambo And Amigo Horse Rugs Set The Standard

By Jerri Perry

Younger horseowners won't remember what blanketing an animal used to be like, before the advent of Rambo and Amigo horse rugs. If you want an idea, look up an old copy of the Pony Club manual (published in England) and read up on how to rug a pony. However, thanks to Horseware of Ireland, things are much simpler and more satisfactory now.

Wild horses don't wear blankets. They grow shaggy coats in winter, seek sheltered spots when it snows or rains, run around to keep warm, and survive in good shape when cows and mules are dying. In summer, they shed off all that extra hair, seek shade from noon sun, and graze during the cooler nights.

However, people often disrupt this natural process. Many confine horses to stalls, clip them to remove shaggy coats, and move them from warm barns to chilly fields or from hot pastures to barns with fans in the aisles. An animal with restricted movement might need extra protection to stay warm, and one turned out into a paddock without shade might need a sheet to keep off sun and flies.

At one time, layers were used for winter protection. Cotton next to the coat wicked away sweat, wool provided warmth even when it got wet, and waterproof sheets laid over all tried to keep out rain without overheating the animal. All of this was hard to keep in place if a horse ran, rolled, or even tried to graze.

Horseware was the first to achieve a securely-fitting, movement enabling, warm, breathable, and truly waterproof rug. Their Rambo blanket changed the industry once and for all. Today they have added the Amigo line, which gives the same excellent design and comfort for less money than top-of-the-line Rambos.

Amigo is the Horseware budget line of turn-outs, stable blankets, fly sheets, and other equine equipment. The turn-outs are waterproof and warm, they breathe, and they stay in place just like the Rambos. They also wear well. Reviews from satisfied customers testify to the performance of these economical, well-designed blankets.

A blanket must allow horses to graze, run, or roll but still stay in place. It must not bind the neck or shoulders. Its straps need to be adjustable (since one size can never fit all). Straps must be loose enough to not bother the horse but tight enough not to let a foot or leg get under them. It's not easy to do all this, but Horseware has done it.

For a good return on investment and assurance of protection and comfort for your horse, look to Amigo horse rugs. These affordable blankets will do the job they are designed for and do it beautifully. There are many sizes to help you get a perfect fit and many colors to help you admire your horse whether it's out or in.

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