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The Best Obstacle Course Races To Choose From

By Leticia Jensen

The best obstacle course races are similar to people. This means they hold a unique personality that people hate or love. Because of their nature, you have to pick one that will suit your temperament and help achieve your fitness levels. You will also get out of the obstruction racing from what you put inside. Here are the best choices you can make.

As an individual you can choose Spartan. It is among the best choices you can make. This type will vary according to distances to be covered. It can be suitable for either a one mile or full marathon distance. There are some obstacles inspired by the American gladiator, Spartan and Navy seals trainings. It is crucial to note that participants are not issued a map before the race begins. This idea helps them to gain victory against water, fire and barbed wires.

There is a civilian military which is a combination one and it is a legacy from the armed forces. It involves the civilian and the military when they want to partake and must have all the requirements for one to compete and before they compete they will have to get through a certain challenge. Everyone participating in this race must be charged according to number of their representations that they perform into the 4 events of weight lifting.

If possible, one can take part in the Columbian buddy muddy ride and run series which works fine for partners. In this racing competition, one must start the race by taking ride on their mountain bike, and later run for 5 kilometers. There is a 50ft mud hole which is a test for one to conquer and the obstacles are there to give more fun to the participating partners because they will have to finish the line together.

The tough Mudder is among the toughest in the world. This is a challenge that every taker must go through. The bad thing is that you cannot complete this alone. While every section is different, there are a few clip barriers you meet on the way. This includes dumpsters full of ice water for one to swim through and climb on other sides. The toughest thing to pass here includes the live wires that are hanging, with electricity passing.

The Warrior dash is enjoyable by those who have a heart to try it. The runner has to run through a five kilometer muddy section. Such things are there to test the participants way of thinking and physical fitness. The participants can skip a few obstacles and not to be fined and they will win a medal if the finishing was successful.

Still, you can take the GORUCK challenges. This must be done within a team selection of about 30 people. The participants in this group wear rucksacks that are weighted. These are put in different places and can take 8 to 10 hours. The whole process is led by a sergeant who takes people through the drill exercise. They help people pass mental and physical challenges.

One of another additional best game that one can take part in is called Rugged Maniac. This one involves different terrains and made of a blockage that helps to develop a better quality. The best thing about this race is that it includes both the male and female participants and it is a fun way of enjoying yourself.

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