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The Different Types And Usefulness Of Industrial Extension Ladders

By Leticia Jensen

A ladder is a vertical set of steps used as an aid for reaching things. They are used almost anywhere. Most homes have them as well but they are a commodity in industrial settings. It has two types. The rigid, which is leaned on a wall or surface and the rope ladder which is hung from above.

The more commonly used among the two is the rigid ladder. They are mostly wooden or made from metal or heavy plastic. Some are also made from fiberglass material. They are designed to bear heavy loads. Industries have repair or construction projects from time to time and this tool is of great importance for construction workers that is why it is called industrial extension ladders.

These ladders are rigid and they are produced to cater different types of work. Just like people, every ability is matched to its appropriate job. The same with this tool. There are those that are intended to bear loads that are as heavy as 300 lbs. There are also those that are good for light bearings.

Each type of ladder corresponds to the heaviness of the load that it has to bear. Also, there are those intended to reach higher heights and suit the kind of work that is carried out. This is also so that hazards will be reduced and make the work easier to finish.

Aside from using the right type, you should also take note of the safety measures. A lot of people meet a disaster while using this tool. The most familiar ones are getting bruised from falling off and obtaining injuries in the head or bone fractures.

Every time, before using it, one has to check is it is still qualified for use. It should be that when you knew it has fallen before, quickly check if the parts are still in place. Also, if it was moved from a dirty or muddy place, clean it first to avoid it slipping off when you are climbing already.

Also, you should know the proper of distance that it should have from the wall. This is the most common case. People do not usually mind if the slope of the ladder is safe for climbing. Others just position it in the wall without even minding if it will not fall the other way around. They just climb immediately and when they are in the middle, it is pulled in the opposite direction. Make sure it is secured in both top and bottom.

During the wet and windy days, you can use it provided you know the control measures. They are not as firm as trees. They can easily be pushed by the wind especially if they face its direction. Wet areas can cause it to slip. That is why you must be alert.

Two types of extension ladders are also made. They are called the straight extension and stepladder. These two are different mainly because of their bases. The former has only a single base while the latter has a double. The former is most helpful in reaching things from a very high place while the latter is best to use for reaching boxes from above or in a closet.

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