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An Italian Food In Tempe

By Linda Cantrell

It is not hard to find Italian foods in most American hotels. Tempe, a town in the state of Arizona, is no different. For those travelling, whether for business or pleasure and want to experience Italian food in Tempe, need not to worry as there are several restaurants that can meet their expectations.

Delicacies from Italy have come a long way to get what most hotels offer today. For centuries, different dishes have been prepared using simple ingredients. Amazingly, these are popular around the world and many people enjoy having such.

If you are looking for healthy food, Italy delicacies are among the best for you because they consist of natural ingredients such as garlic, tomatoes, olive oil, whole grains, and dark leafy greens. These follow a Mediterranean-style eating pattern, which, according to research, may include the following benefits: reduced risk of depression, weight loss, and moderate blood sugar level.

Upon entering a restaurant offering such dishes, you will hardly resist the appetizing aroma that can only be found in Italy. You will smell the scent of cheese, garlic, tomatoes, olive oil, and wine. Foods offered in these restaurants is good quality, and the eating experience is more satisfying when matched with red wines which are deeply aromatic.

Some common irresistible foods include cheeses and tomato cooked in Italy style, pasta and breads, red wines and the olive oil. In Italy, a common meal is usually consisted of five course. The antipasti; usually served before main meal, the primo also known as the first course, the second; served as the main course, along a vegetable recipe called the contorno. The last part of the meal is the desert, usually consisted of sweet bites.

Before you treat yourself to a full course meal in any restaurant, it is wise to know what to expect beforehand. Usually, the antipasto comprises of simple appetizers served before a meal. You can have bits of bread accompanied by herbs, tomatoes, cheese, spicy luncheon meat and olives. This combination can pass for the equivalent of Italian bruschetta andcapicollo. Nervetti and insalata caperes (beef fried in onions and salad respectively), falls in this cuorse.

The second course, primo, comprises of various pasta and rice dishes and soup. These may include but not limited tocappellini, linguine, ziti, macaroni, Riso alla Toscana and Risotto al Barolo. On the other hand, Grine sauce, Bagna Cauda, Pasta e fagioli and Garmugia form common soup accompaniments of the primo.

The secondi include different types of meat and fish. Fish dishes include Baccala, Buridda, Cacciucco, Fritata di Bianchetti, Seppioline in Umido, Calamari Ripieni, Carpaccio Pesce, and Caapon Margo. Popular meat dishes include Mordatella, Prosciutto cotto, Prosciutto di Pharma, Pancetta, and Salame. The contorni are vegetables. These are served after the secondi. They include asparagus, eggplant, bell peppers or peperoni, cardoons, tomatoes, beans and other legumes, mushrooms, artichokes, potatoes, cauliflowers, and so forth.

Dessert is commonly known as dolce in Italy. Coming as the last serving, it is consisted of sweet foods. Examples of items served include dolce, chiacchiere, anisett, fruit di bosco, and others. Visit Tempe and ask for such foods in various restaurants to enjoy a great taste of such.

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