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Several Interesting Facts About Adolf Hitler

By Wanda Rosner

In the history of the world, Adolf Hitler is known to be one of the most wicked men. For instance, he spent most of his time spreading the message of death and hate while still trying to kill all Jewish people. Even though, his grandmother is believed to be a Jew, Adolf is known to have killed 17 million people, a third of who were Jewish. Here are more interesting facts about Adolf Hitler you may need to know.

Even though Hitler had smoked for 20 years before he realized it was detrimental and decided to quit, he personally hated it so much that he attempted to prohibit smoking. He hated people smoking in his presence and most at times when someone had an appointment with him; they were warned not to smoke before they visited him. He also made sure everyone visiting his office did not wear any clothing that smelled cigarette.

Adolf is also recognized to have hated meat which forced him to hire his special cooks who were always advised not add meat products to his food. He was by nature a vegetarian. With his aversion to meat products, Adolf is known to have tried to cut down the consumption of meat in Germany by introducing the post-war policies.

He was as well known to have introduced the blow-up doll concept to prevent his troops from contracting syphilis when they slept with the prostitutes. These dolls were designed to size which enabled them to fit in the pockets of the soldiers. However, during the World War II when Dresden was bombed the factories which manufactured the dolls where destroyed.

Other amazing facts about Adolf Hitler are that, he discovered the idea of the Volks Wagen car model. Despite the fact that his idea initiated the Volkswagen Company, the authentic plan came from a Jewish engineer known as Josef Ganz. He was the constructor of the autobahns network of highways.

Hitler is as well known to have a stern sweet tooth that made him to consume lots of sugary foods. For instance, he each day consumed up to two pounds of chocolate. In addition, Adolf had a habit of adding more than five spoons of sugar to his tea besides few spoons to red wine before drinking.

He is known to have suffered from insomnia a condition that made him to always work at night and sleep during the day. Adolf also feared darkness which forced him to always look for friends to accompany him during the night through playing music and watching movies. In addition, Adolf made sure before he went to bed, it was properly inspected by a maid.

Above are some of the less known facts about Adolf Hitler. All of them revolve around his life history and some things he did which may have not been done by other people of his era. For anyone looking to study more concerning Adolf these are some of the main things you should base your search on since they would enable you know more information about his life.

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