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China - Advantages Of Backpacking

By Jonny Blair

Adventure lovers say that there is nothing that is as interesting as touring new and exciting locations. A trip to China for example could be the ultimate experience to a soul that loves backpacking. This Republic boasts of great locations, such as Chongqing, waiting to be discovered by enthusiastic people.

Adventure lovers usually say that there is nothing more interesting than discovering new sights and cultures in the course of travel. In massive cities in the Asia, all these and more come characterize the tour package. While in the biggest city in the world; the following may be interesting places to tour.

The Arhat Temple is a must see when in this massive city. This temple houses a number of terracotta Arhats. Basically, these are Buddhas that that attained enlightenment. One big advantage of visiting this place is that it is not too expensive.

If you care to look, the skyline of this Asian city would really amaze you. All the contrasts you would see will make you fall in love with the hype of this town and visiting the Chaotianmen Park may just be what you need to appreciate this. From here, you will definitely see what makes this city tick.

One very interesting feature of the entire city if the largest toilet complex it houses. Supposedly, it is the biggest of its kind in the whole world. Plus, it would be fun to later on go home and recount to your buddies that you experienced firsthand the largest loo in the world.

The goal of tours of this magnitude is experiencing every aspect of the region in question. As a backpacker, this means that one must see both the old and new versions of cities and cultures. In this regard, a visit to the 18 steps ought to be contemplated.

A ride across the Yangtze River in a cable ride may just happen to be the highlight of the entire trip. This ride usually comes with great views of town that are a must see. Other than boosting the tourism sector, you will be guaranteed of a ride of your life.

Lastly, your Chinese experience will get an even bigger boost with a visit to Foreigner Street. The Street is a 24-hour theme park just on the fringes of town. While here, you could go to restaurants, attend interesting events or you could opt for a fun ride.

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