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How To Choose The Right Horse Rugs

By Jaclyn Hurley

Just like people horses need to be looked after. They need to be fed, cleaned out and sheltered. While they may have thick hair and manes this does not make them immune from the cold. Sometimes they need something additional to keep them clothed. This is why you need to choose the right horse rugs to suit your animal.

The first thing to check is that what they wear fits. This may sound obvious but it is not necessarily something that is immediately obvious when you order something online and it arrives in your home. Therefore you need to check it against your horse so that you can gauge whether or not it is an appropriate fit.

When you are checking the size you should do so without removing the tags or packaging and carefully place it over the horse like you would a duvet over a bed. This may seem strange but there is an important reason for doing this. In simple terms it means that if it does not fit you can take the product back in its original condition and packaging without any problems. If you open it there is always the risk of it being stained when it is placed around the animal.

What complicates this is that the sizes of rugs on sale tend to be sold in three inch increments. Therefore you need to consider whether you want to go with something a bit smaller or a bit bigger. Generally speaking it tends to be better to go with something a bit bigger as it means the animal gets a bit more warmth around the neck area.

There are three different styles. There is the standard neck, half neck and full neck. The standard covers the back, hind quarters and shoulders. This is best for people who do not clip the necks of their horses and therefore do not need to worry about their necks being exposed.

The half neck provides a bit more warmth than the standard. Another advantage that the half has over the standard is that it lets less rainwater in. The full neck is best suited to animals that are very sensitive to cold, have been clipped or older horses that have become more sensitive to the cold in their older age. There is also the additional advantage that you do not have to clean the neck with a full cover.

As well as dealing with the cold there is also the issue of what to wear in warmer conditions. Having a material that breathes can help as sweat drips away from the rug. It is often advisable to have options for both warmer and colder conditions so that you can be sure that your horse is properly looked after.

There are a wide array of places you can buy a rug for your horse. It is best to check online to get recommendations from other riders and owners as they can tell you the kind of products they use and what is appropriate for your particular animal. With the right approach you will be able to find the best rug to properly look after your horse.

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