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Where To Start With Training Golden Retriever Puppies

By Jaclyn Hurley

Golden retrievers are a popular breed of dogs. They are good looking and are quite intelligent. The breed is also popular because the dogs are very friendly and they show a lot of appreciation for human companionship. They are also good at taking instructions. The key is to start training golden retriever puppies as soon as they come into your care.

Golden retriever puppies can be trained without a professional trainer. It helps to start training right away when the puppy is still adjusting to its new environment rather than wait until it already develops habits and try to break them. Puppies aged at least 8 weeks old can take instruction.

Thanks to their friendliness, golden retrievers are easily trainable when training is done with affection. Affirming them with positive words and petting them lets them know that they have done a positive thing. They will do the action again and again to get rewarded again. Treating them with food is also a good way to reward them but minimally. This is one breed that packs on the pounds quite easily. Dogs should also not be trained to associate being fed with whether they behave or not.

Golden retriever puppies grasp things very fast. Also, they can take in more than one thing at the same time. One way to go is to get in check the habits the puppy comes home with. It is common for them to jump around, try to bite and chew on almost everything. These habits need to be broken as soon as possible.

Use words like no and stop undesirable habits and off to get them off furniture. Keep the tone of your voice sharp enough for them to differentiate from a voice of praise. Use the same words and tone consistently and the puppy will soon learn to differentiate bad actions from good ones. Those in the household should also use the same words.

One of the things you want to teach your puppy to do early is to sit. Toilet training should also be started right away. If you are consistent about this, there should be no accidents on the carpet and other places around the house. Keep a close eye on the puppy and direct it outside as soon as a leg starts to go up in readiness to relieve itself. The puppy will soon learn the right place to go.

Grooming is another thing puppies should be made accustomed to early on. As you groom them, you will be able to inspect them for any pests such as ticks and infections and illnesses. Any such problem can be nipped in the bud before it becomes very serious.

A lot of people fail to sufficiently commit themselves to train their golden retriever puppies. Then they end up with a badly behaved adult dog that they find a nuisance. Be committed, start with simple instructions and then move to more advanced ones. Another advantage of starting early is that a professional trainer can be brought in if the puppy does not take instructions. Train consistently and you will have a four-legged family member that gives you no problems.

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