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Traveling Safely From Panama To Colombia By Boat

By Jaclyn Hurley

If you love to travel a new route in your life perhaps you should be boating to a new island. If you crave for the beach, the sun, and the white shore you should now be taking the route to Colombia. You can experience the best of the tropical world from there as you challenge yourself for a new thrill.

Talking about boating, you may want to take the passage from Panama to Colombia by boat. Some say it is quite impossible to ride a plane from point to point so a Catamaran is all you can ride. This boat is native to the tropical region of Cartagena and Panama. If you have packed already, here are few of the wonders you can encounter during the trip.

You can witness the beautiful San Blas islands before leaving Panama with all its crystal clear beaches. These tropical islands are home to the native Yula Indians where you can taste their lobster dishes. Aside from several coconuts, you can rest under the noni tree while recovering energy on the way to Colombia.

Moreover, you might get very tired along the travel due to too much swimming, snorkeling, and possibly due to vomiting. The trail could be too wavy for a small ship and can be too much for someone to throw up. There could be a dilemma with the sleeping space as well. To avoid experiencing these hassles, you may like to peek at these tips we like to share with you.

First, it would be good to choose a stronger vessel. Make sure that you are booking for a ship that you will not have problems in the future. Except if you want the thrill of feeling some risk, you can choose any boat that you wanted. For people who value comfort and formality during the ride to Colombia, these are the two possible ways to ride a bigger ship.

Number one, find an advance accommodation then ask them about any recommendations. It is possible that the hostel keeper knows a reliable ship with a good captain. Backpackers who have gone to the route suggest that you ride a good ship which will be leaving rather in few days rather than riding in some random ship.

Number two, a bigger Catamaran should be chosen because it can go against the tide swiftly and are more controllable. In addition, there could be a shower and refrigerator service inside the vessel. Be cautious though, some captains can become too adventurous for first time riders.

Furthermore, in a big vessel you can bring a surfboard or any sports equipment. The capacity of the vessel could even cater to a wider sleeping quarter compared to smaller ones. If you wish to be comfy and wanted to feel safe, these tips could be applicable to you.

Lastly, you should also care to look for reviews about the vessel. You may ask your friends who have been there or read a book about traveling to Colombia. Moreover, checking the age of the ship and the experience of the captain can also give you peace of mind. Experienced captains are calmer and wiser when it comes to vessel management.

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