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Community Reviews On Schaeffer Oil Products

By Jaclyn Hurley

Lubrication is a factor of a well maintained engine. It prevents friction from destroying the important components of it to keep it running smoothly. Special lubrication on the other hand is one level higher compared to the ordinary. Oils like these can often have additives that prevents it from particle breakdown keeping it clean at the longest time possible.

When it comes to lube, schaeffer oil products have been widely used by truck owners worldwide. We tried to ask users how they liked it, they answered it is because of the oil quality. They added that it kept their engines wear resistant despite the high mileage. We wanted to get all the opinions from many people as much as possible. Here are the sentiments shared by vehicle owners.

A guy shared about not buying boutique brands over a car forum. He said schaeffer was an expensive oil but he liked it. He tried settling for cheaper oils but it was less effective than the mentioned brand. He also pointed the compatibility of antique oil manufactured by the company to antique engines.

Another opinion coming online speaks about winter and the benefit of using a high quality lubricant. He mentioned living in Minnesota and having a flowing lubricant, despite the freezing weather, never fails to amaze him. He did not need to go the gasoline station as well because they have reps delivered it to him.

On one hand, few people have argued about the oil pressure created by the lubricant. Some of them say that it makes lesser psi compared to other synthetic brands. This had been the buzz over the internet. However, there are also people who thought that lesser oil psi should mean that oil was flowing smoothly inside the engine.

According to the expert, high pressure could not be necessarily beneficial and low pressure could not be necessarily bad at all. The site reasoned out that viscosity causes low pressure levels and could be beneficial to the engine in fact. They even pointed that high levels of psi should alarm owners more than low psi levels generally.

Going forward, some users said to base their decision to buy on the famous bearing machine test. Personal experiences tell that it was difficult to stop it when the particular lubricant was injected. Conversely, others tipped not to rely that much on that machine test rather they should see the overall effect of the lubricant before deciding to religiously use it. They defended such statement saying they like the product but it should be tested personally first.

These are just few of the opinions we gathered personally and through the web. Not to market such brand, rather we want you to have a baseline before making decisions. All of the statements above are purely based on real time reviews.

Choosing an oil for your vehicle is important. As a conclusion, you must need to find one that suits your engine. If it is a must to dig and scrutinize a brand, do it if it allows you to make a smarter choice.

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