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Working With Fiberglass Pool Manufacturers

By Jaclyn Hurley

The economy is finally picking up and this means that people have more money to spend on their homes. One of the all time favorite additions to any home are back yard swimming pools. Not only do they make the property more desirable they also provide many years of family fun and exercise. People are becoming so much more fitness aware and actively looking for ways to stay healthy. With all this in mind fiberglass pool manufacturers are seriously trying to break into the market.

For many years the traditional choices of plaster or vinyl liners have been the most common type of pools installed. Yet as more and more people learn about the advantages of fiber glass the market is seeing a very distinct shift. It really is a case of getting the word out to let buyers know they have another excellent option. In fact, in most areas a fiber glass pool will out perform the others styles easily.

Value for money is crucial and most buyers just don't realize that fiber glass is such a long lasting and versatile material. It is now being used for many common products because it not only last for a long time, but can also be moulded into a variety of shapes. The average life span for fiber glass pools is around thirty years or more. They are many stories of owners actually leaving their pools to the children and grandchildren. It is then dug up and relocated to the new site. This is an extremely environmentally friendly option.

All pools need maintenance and involve some work. However, the fiber glass pools involve the least amount of time and money to keep in top condition. This is simply because they are moulded in one piece and there are no seams. It is the seams of a vinyl liner or the abrasive texture of plaster that provide a perfect breeding ground for algae and bacteria. This also equates to a lot of work.

San Juan Pools are probably the best known and most established manufacturer in the country. They have been in business for over fifty years and are really at the cutting edge of design and production. Their pools are of the best quality and buyers know they can count of many years of swimming enjoyment. In fact, it is not unusual for fiber glass pools to last well over thirty years, this is unheard of for a vinyl liner.

Viking Pools are another trusted manufacturer with a long and distinguished track record. They are well known for their innovative designs and high levels of workmanship. Customers also reported that they felt very confident knowing that their pools come with outstanding guarantees.

The Australian company Barrier Reef Pools are now established and operating out of South Carolina. They have a great reputation for outstanding customer service and beautifully designed pools. They showcase new shapes and sizes of pools, providing something to meet every need. Their designs are noted for beautiful tile and mosaic work that really enhances the overall look of the pools.

The San Juan company has also developed the black fiber glass pool construction. These are some of the most distinctive and elegant pools to hit the market in a very long time.

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