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Enjoy Unique Experience Through Alaska Adventures

By Gwen Lowe

Engaging in Alaska adventures will give you a unique experience. Alaska is a great state with various tourism activities that will definitely leave participants thrilled. From stunning geography, climate to wonderful people and culture, one will enjoy an experience in this State hard to find anywhere else. Here is a quick look at the various adventurous activities visitors can engage in.

Alaska is a U. S. State at the north-west end of the continent of North America. By area, it is the largest state in the United States. Among the 50 states in the U. S., it has the smallest population density. The bulk of its economy includes fishing, natural gas, and oil industries. These resources are abundant in this state. Aside from these, tourism is another vital part of its economy.

Tourism is as a result of the many great features of the state. For once, it has an extensive coastline, longer than the size of coastlines of all other states in the U. S combined. Along the coastal region and the Aleutians islands are active volcanoes. In fact, the largest of the Aleutian Islands, Unimak, is a home to the most symmetrical volcano cone.

The diversity and abundance of the Alaskan wildlife are extraordinary. The mammals that can be found here include: the Black bear, the Polar bear, the Brown bear, the Caribou, the Bison, the Mountain Goat, the Moose, the Orca, the Dall sheep, and so forth. There is also a variety of fish and birds which includes: the White fish, the Longnose Sucker, the Pacific Hake, the Rockfish, the Northern Hawk Owl, the Snow Bunting, the Sandhill Crane, Lapland Longspur, among others.

You do not have an adventure in this great area until you have engaged in sport fishing. It is an area popular for different types of fish, found in the rivers, lakes and the coastlines. Some popular fishing activities include salmon and halibut fishing; where one will catch Grayling, Trout, Northern pike and Arctic Char.

Another great adventure is hunting. Many people from all over the world flock this are to hunt game animals such as caribou, black bear, moose, mountain goat and brown bear. This is a home for largest game animals in the world such as the Moose and brown bear. In this case, many people flock here not only to hunt but also set their eyes on such animals. It is necessary to have some hunting experience, a hunting license and an understanding of the rules and regulations of this area before going to the wild.

Besides the many fun activities and sights described above, one would also want to visit during some of their cultural events held annually. These are full of display of the Alaskan culture, giving visitors a better feel of this beautiful state. Some popular annual events to look out for include the Alaskan Hummingbird Festival, the Stikine River Birding Festival, World Art Championships at the Fairbanks, the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race and Blueberry Festival, among others. This Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race kicks off in Archorage and finishes at Nome.

A person going on an Alaskan adventure will surely appreciate its geography, wildlife, culture, and people. These are just some of the many things a person can experience in this magnificent state. An Alaskan adventure is something a person would not want to miss.

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