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Choosing The Best Aircraft Maintenance Ladder

By Luisa Sharpe

Falls form the largest serious and most common causes of both injuries and deaths at the workplace. All employers are required to provide a safe working environment for employees and put in place the relevant fall preventive measures from overhead platform or work stations that are high like in aircraft maintenance areas. An aircraft maintenance ladder is needed in situations such as these.

Normally, OSHA requires the provision of fall protection at high elevated work station and overhead platforms as well as the provision of safety for those working over dangerous machinery and equipment regardless of the fall distance. The ideal aircraft type should be able to offer maintenance technician with access to the entire service zone within the aircraft including the engine, the empennage as well as the equipment bays.

The material that is used to make the climbing equipment should be of high quality and the designs must be different to provide a wider selection base. With the ladders, unlimited access to the maintenance system of the aircraft should be available. Fall protection must also be provided to ensure a comfortable and safe working environment. Inspection, repair, service and overhaul are just some of the functions of the ladders.

The selection of the proper type of ladders is very critical. This is because depending on the job to be carried out, the choice of this a piece of equipment might affect the final outcome. The one selected may vary in size, material, duty rating and style. These are the key elements to be put into consideration when choosing the proper type for your specific aircraft job.

When selecting this a piece of equipment, the length and width sizes are very important. Going for one that is either too long or too short can result in very serious accidents and is therefore potentially dangerous. The base size of the structure should also be considered and should be checked to identify whether it will be able to fit in an accessible area.

In addition to width and length, the ladder's height should also be checked putting into consideration the platform and working height requirement. This usually goes hand in hand with the size of the handrail. For instance, a person can safely reach a 9' ceiling on a 5' ladder. It is therefore important to consider both the height of the piece of equipment and the required working height.

Of great importance also is the style. The ladders are available in different designs and can be related to various advantageous characteristics. In case of a wrong choice of equipment style, the outcome can be a very serious fall or injury. The climbing equipment must also be used properly to achieve the desired results.

A ladder's duty rating can be described as the optimum safe load capacity that the equipment can withstand, usually in pounds. The duty rating for a particular one must be higher than a person's weight when fully clothed in addition to any tool and material on the piece of equipment. It is highly recommended that workers put into consideration both the weight that will be exerted on the equipment and the proper grade selection to handle the anticipated work. The ladder material selected should also be convenient for the work application and should fit the personal preference of the user.

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